Hulun Buir city forest fire detachment hailar district brigade multi-measures to seize the spring defense combat readiness work

2022-07-26 0 By

In order to further enhance the combat readiness awareness of all fire and rescue personnel and comprehensively improve the team’s ability to carry out fire prevention and extinguishing tasks, the Hailar District brigade of Hulun Buir Forest Fire Brigade has taken multiple measures simultaneously to ensure that the team can pull out, go up and win at any time.Strengthen the awareness of war preparedness.To carry out combat readiness education with the theme of fighting spirit and missions and tasks, further improve the combat readiness awareness of fire and rescue personnel, establish the concept of the overall situation, and maintain high vigilance at all times.Do combat readiness exercises.Strictly organize pulling exercises, focus on carrying materials, equipment, vehicle performance and other content inspection, to ensure that the team always maintain a high level of combat readiness and excellent ability and quality.Maintain equipment.Comprehensive inspection and maintenance of personal carrying equipment, fire fighting equipment, communication equipment and vehicle equipment, regular preheating and debugging of fire fighting equipment, to ensure that all kinds of materials are complete, fire fighting equipment performance is good.We will do special training well.Special intensive training has been conducted for spring defense combat readiness, and training on fire fighting operations and operation and use of fire fighting equipment has been carried out with emphasis on actual combat standards, so as to continuously improve the mission capability of all fire rescue personnel.Going forward, the BATTALION will continue to pay close attention to spring defense combat readiness work, constantly enhance the awareness of fire and rescue personnel, continue to strengthen training and war preparedness, ensure that in case of fire, strike hard and resolutely win the battle of spring defense.Author: Yang Guang