Why buy zero run C11?Because the high cost performance should have all

2022-07-25 0 By

Why buy the C11?After 18 years of running out of gas, I decided to change to a tram.After a test drive of Tesla, NIO, BYD, Weima, Geometry and Xiaopeng, I accidentally saw the advertisement of zero-run C11 in Autohome, which made my eyes light up. The standard match is the top match, plus the optional bag of 10,000 yuan.We have everything we need: central control triple screen, frameless door, L2 automatic driving, NAPPA leather seats, front ventilation heating, rear heating, 220V external discharge, 27 camera radar probes, front double arm and rear five-link independent suspension. The price of 209,800 yuan can meet all my requirements.It’s easy for me to wait for the dysphoric.