Who turned the Internet into Sherlock Holmes?

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Who turned the Internet into Sherlock Holmes?The February 8 incident has been bubbled for more than two years, and its followers seem to be divided into three categories.One is tearing.Today, I heard that a writer surnamed Dong and a netizen called xiongshi world tore up.Before, du Fang had been fighting for the title of “first sister”, now Xu Fang also appeared.It is said that no matter which party of the big players, have their own group, the group leader takes the lead in tearing, it is unknown whether the people in the group will follow suit.Some netizens also called it “tearing people help”, a bit interesting.One is the onlooker.They neither agree with others nor waver on the fence. They just wait and see and support the search for the truth.These people called themselves “little stars,” and they were very figurative. Little stars shone brightly.Moreover, a single spark can start a prairie fire, they are not flow do not want fame and wealth, bring dry food dedicated gens.One is for detectives.More and more people in this team, staring at the big pharmacy, staring at the homework, staring at this card to take the card, and is looking for the bracelet, check the certificate, there is a special probe “gossip”, such as: What is the relationship between Chai Sang and Xu Ma, Du Ma brought bedding to Jingdezhen is how to go and so on.Detective type net friend, known as Holmes.So who turned the Internet into Sherlock Holmes?One is to get close to the people involved on both sides.It is said that in 2020, when Yao Ce and her mother sued the hospital involved, both Dusch and Yao Ce got their medical records of that year, and some die-hard fans got first-hand information. A little bit of information today, a little bit of information tomorrow, aroused people’s curiosity.Therefore, in succession to the big pharmacy, the exercise of this question.The second is the midnight rooster crow.This should be the source of the greatest curiosity of netizens.In addition, the hospital has a Zhao mou, Zhao mou also has a brother in charge, are able to predict the role of the prophet, so, to cover up, slowly revealed flaws.The third is the performance of the four golden flowers in the trial.Last year 918 trial, four golden flower domitable performance, through the observer’s retelling, the net friends have learned, also had kaifeng street to find the bracelet.Seriously consider, netizens become Sherlock Holmes, is not necessarily a bad thing, at the very least, can put those “may” happen, something that “may” groping in advance again, can not only satisfy we eat the melon the curiosity of the masses, can also caution to some people, thousands of mud no windtight wall, if people do not know is.