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Follow the pace of the Party to lead the journey, solid work shows responsibility.In order to fully show the new atmosphere and new style of Lijiang city, record the good voice and good suggestions of representatives and members.From February 9 to February 12, Lijiang Radio and TELEVISION station will continue to launch the radio broadcast car “Representatives and members of the grassroots” activity, on-site invited several NPC deputies, CPPCC members to go to the grassroots, listen to the aspirations of the people, bring the public opinion into the two sessions, truly for the people to do things, fulfill the responsibilities of representatives and members.Our activities will also be broadcast on FM106.2 of Lijiang News, FM97.7 of Lijiang Tourism and Traffic, and Lijiang hotline. Please pay attention!I have always been concerned about the healthy development of young people in Lijiang.In recent years, the Fourth National People’s Congress has put forward proposals on further strengthening the construction of public cultural services for young people and on the participation of youth social organizations in social governance.These proposals have been strongly supported by the Party Committee, the government and relevant departments.At present, the Youth Palace of Lijiang city has resumed running schools for public benefit, and the government’s purchasing and procurement efforts, including support, have been further strengthened.We run more than 40 classes every year, serving nearly 30,000 young people.At the fourth National People’s Congress in 2021, I put forward a proposal to encourage youth social organizations to participate in urban social governance, which has been implemented to varying degrees in the later stage, including the training of professional young social workers.This year, combined with the social issues that young people are concerned about, is to improve the youth fertility policy supporting measures this issue.The epidemic will affect young people’s employment and entrepreneurship to a certain extent, and we hope that the Party Committee and the government will pay full attention to reasonable demands in this regard, given the constraints of housing and pension.Not only to stimulate the birth of children, but also to introduce measures to promote the balanced development of the population of the whole lijiang city.There is another aspect that I pay close attention to: after the on-site office meeting of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government held last year, lijiang was positioned as a famous cultural tourism city.Lijiang as an international tourist city, has a long history culture play a large role, but in recent years, the high-quality goods to the creation of cultural industry, including performance performance has a certain decline, we should dig the outstanding in the national culture resources, it and the development of cultural industry, and international cultural tourism city, create the best products in culture,Drive the high-quality development of lijiang tourism.In other aspects, in the work of the Communist Youth League, we regard the work of national unity, progress and education of young people as our central work, which is also a major measure taken by the Communist Youth League to revolve around the center and serve the overall situation.Through the young Pioneers’ themed team days and lessons, as well as the Communist Youth League’s themed group lessons, various and colorful educational activities for ethnic unity and progress have been carried out.Last year, with the support of the municipal government and the Citizens bureau, we carried out public welfare training.In this training class, there are native language inheritance classes, youth ancient band, Hulusi, intangible cultural heritage folk song inheritance classes, etc.This year, we also hope to hold some performances or training in the Youth Palace, inviting outstanding young people from all ethnic groups and all walks of life, non-inheritors and cultural workers to talk about history and culture to the young people, so that the children will pay more attention to the formation of a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation in this process.In addition to my work role, I am a mother myself.I have two children, so I pay close attention to their schooling.According to our observation in the past two years, there is a serious shortage of places in quality schools in the central urban areas, such as places in compulsory education and places in public kindergartens.I think this is the work that needs the party committee and the government to pay the most attention to as a parent.CPPCC member Ye Xin is a young veteran who has worked in grassroots news media for 13 years.At the grassroots level, I will open up the “last mile” to serve the people, promote in-depth integration of the media, and expand and strengthen mainstream public opinion. This is a major task entrusted to us by the CPC Central Committee and a major mission bestowed by The Times.It has always been my mission to publicize the party’s good policies to every village with sound and camera, and to improve the communication power, influence and credibility of news and public opinion.As a new member of the CPPCC, it is an honor and a heavy responsibility.I will turn into deeper, recorded and spread good good stories, do a “person”, to seek truth from facts to each work, often, extensive and in-depth investigation and study, pay more efforts to grasp the real situation, the objective laws to know more deeply, summarize Suggestions and proposals, to be a qualified CPPCC to lay a solid foundation.Pick and write more articles “stained with dirt”, “with dew” and “steaming hot”, so that the report is attractive, touching, spread, spread far.Actively do a good job in the publicity work, with the most loyal power of news media people to pay attention to the most direct and realistic problems that people care about most, consciously stand in the position of the Party and the people, turn the soil under foot into a voice with light and power, tell the world a wonderful story of Lijiang!The construction of fusion media center is a crucial task of The Times.At this year’s two sessions, I will put forward suggestions on further strengthening the in-depth integration of the media.(I) From the content breakthrough, talent breakthrough, benefit breakthrough to work hard “media is the message”, in the face of multiple carriers, rong Media Center needs to rely on short video, mobile live broadcast, micro-animation and other new media ways to change the idea of content production, and constantly launch original rong media products……(2) Expand resource cooperation, “borrow the ship to go to sea” aggregate advantages to promote collaborative development……(3) Identify user needs, carry out community integration, and improve grassroots governance capacity. Rong Media is oriented to the masses at the grass-roots level, and “get through the last mile of governance”……(4) Optimize the management level, create local characteristics of the brand……Yang Xiaowei, CPPCC Member My proposal for this year’s two sessions is about the healthy development of social organizations.Lijiang belongs to the frontier minority areas, and the participation capacity of social organizations and the financial input of the government are relatively small.The development of social organizations is still lagging behind.Social organizations act as a bridge between government and civil society.In many cases, it can fill the gap between governments.For example, in Lijiang, the most attention is paid to the creation of culture and health, which requires the participation of the people in many cases.Entering the new stage of rural vitalization, many professionals can also be involved in rural vitalization and fill in the gaps.Personally, I pay more attention to the next step of rural revitalization.It is hoped that relevant government departments can introduce some sustainable industries, so that people can have a sustainable income.Every year to attend the two sessions, there is a new starting point, in fact, my mood is not the same.I have been trying to do a good job as a CPPCC member, good role model, good leader in the village.Here, I wish the two sessions a complete success.1. Turn on the car radio/radio/Lijiang mobile phone station, lock the frequency of LIJIANG News comprehensive broadcasting FM106.2 and Lijiang Tourism and Traffic broadcasting FM97.7, and listen to the program;2. Please continue to pay attention to lijiang hotline for relevant reports.Program production: Yang Chao New media Production: Yang Chao Editor: Li Xia zhao Wenli Final: Ma Xiang and the Red Army