Huangmei Caishan Town central primary school to carry out safety education day series activities

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March 28, 2022 is the 27th School Safety Education Day.In order to implement the superiors about primary and middle school students’ safety education day working spirit, further establish the idea of “safety first” and strengthen the safety education between teachers and students, improve the ability of preventing self-help between teachers and students and school the comprehensive ability to deal with emergencies, Huang Meicai hills central primary school combined with safety education day theme “cherish life, pay attention to guard against, and to ensure peace”,Organize the whole school teachers and students to carry out “safety education day” series of activities.In the morning, the school carried out the “Caishan Town Central Primary School Safety Education Day” publicity and education activities through the flag-raising ceremony and speech under the national flag.During the activity, Vice Principal He Liuyu made a mobilization speech on safety Education Day under the national flag, which not only made clear the significance of “safety” to the teachers and students of the whole school, but also put forward relevant requirements based on the actual situation:Traffic safety, food safety, classroom safety, activity safety, mental health, safety out… at the same time, all teachers and students are called on to be the maintainer of “safe family”, the participants of “safe campus”, and work together to create a safe campus.Afternoon class meeting, in each class director teacher’s organization, carried out a variety of safety education activities.Children through watching vivid video, understand the safety knowledge, understand some safety knowledge;Through the children’s narration feel the safety of life big and small;Let the children understand the importance of safety through the teachers’ explanation.After class, the school also arranged students to participate in the “provincial primary and secondary school spring fire safety test” knowledge competition.The development of the safety education day series of activities, make the majority of teachers and students of the school’s safety education concept and safety awareness greatly enhanced, further promote the school’s safety work management, under the leadership of the teachers and students in school, actively create a safe campus, for the development of the school laid a solid foundation.Source: Hu Jianying, correspondent of Central Primary School, Caishan Town, Huangmei County