Have you seen all of the world’s weird-looking helicopters?The third belly is gone

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To be a soldier and take up a gun to defend the country is something many people have longed for since childhood.In particular, to become the air force, flying planes in the sky, is the dream of many people.However, becoming an air force is not an easy thing, first of all, eyesight needs to carry out a strict assessment.Therefore, everyone is aiming to focus on weapons.Today, xiaobian will take you to check out some strange looking helicopters.The first was the Mi-12 helicopter from the Soviet Union, which is said to have achieved a flight record of 2,250 meters carrying dozens of tons of weight.The helicopter looks huge because it is designed with a side-by-side twin-rotor layout, so it has an advanced rotor system that can rotate at 112 revolutions per minute.The second is the CH-47 Chinook helicopter from the United States.This kind of helicopter, not only even the United States army is very like, other countries are rushing to order, even the Royal Air Force of Britain, but also become its biggest consumer.The helicopter was of a transport type and is still in service today.Not only can it carry nearly three tons of weight for more than 100 kilometers, it can even hang seven tons of weight out of the aircraft for continuous flight.It looks like the carriage of a green train, thanks to its long, narrow shape.The third is the American CH-54 helicopter.It’s the strangest looking helicopter on the list today.From the pictures, it appears to have no belly and appears to be separated from its head.In fact, this helicopter is similar to the ch-47 Chinook helicopter mentioned above, which is related to cargo transport, but this CH-54 helicopter is mainly responsible for heavy cargo lifting.And its unique appearance is also designed for convenient lifting.The fourth is the V-22 Osprey.This type of helicopter belongs to the rotor plane, it has the characteristics of high speed flight, long distance navigation and low fuel consumption.Therefore, its left and right rotors look very distinctive, and it is said that it can fly at a top speed of 509 kilometers an hour.As a result, the helicopter has been used several times by the U.S. Air Force for transport missions.After listening to today’s introduction, which helicopter do you prefer?Although helicopters don’t have the skills and looks of fighters, they still have the edge in speed and payload.Several of the helicopters mentioned above flew missions in the Vietnam War.Obviously, weapons and equipment is not the bigger the better, the right items in the right place, that is the most important.