Disclosure: Yang Ying, Liu Haocun, Zhao Lusi, Jin Chen, Peng Xiaolan, Ren Jialun, Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi

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1. Liu Haocun also wanted to set up a “Princess of Beijing circle” before, but did not expect her parents’ background was stripped clean, so she could not set up such a distinguished person on his head.2. Du Haitao has begun transferring some of his assets to his parents and some abroad.3 Chen Feiyu can not listen to the netizens attack his appearance level, he thinks he is very good, and a “school grass” comparable to those netizens on his appearance of speech attack, he is regarded as the enemy to buy the water army.4. Recently, it was reported that the actress and the movie xiao Sang have become romances due to the drama. Indeed, the two have worked together many times, and there is a possibility of working together again in the future.However, the two are more like buddies and there is no flirtatious atmosphere on set, so there is no evidence that they have a special relationship.And this material out of no reason, is most likely the film square for their new film bundling hype.5. Zhao Lu Si in the entertainment industry has become increasingly difficult, and this is not because of her acting problems, mainly because she is not too eager to get quick results, the most important thing is that her series of SAO operation is always easy to cause public anger, so people in the circle of her impression of nature is not very good, so that affected her work.Unfortunately, she has not understood her own problems, still capricious, think that if there is no big event she will not learn wisdom, know how to restrain.6 “Jade Remote” piece is very rich, goose factory to this play left the best schedule and the highest configuration, recently lavish please Zhang Jie and Zhang Liangying two people sing OST, they are the top xianxia drama with the standard, it is difficult to get, Zhang Jie recently just push this kind of invitation are pushed two.1. Baby recently sent out a press release to distract attention by implying that a certain silly actress ‘marriage is in trouble.In addition, she and Huang Xiaoming have contacts, is not the state of a fish to die…2. Xiao Zhan is generous and often treats in the cast.3. The ugly actor once bet an actor how many actresses he could sleep with on the set. He also said he could sleep with at least three, joking that the actresses were lonely and eager to find him.4. Ren Jialun and his wife are not going to divorce, they just had a little conflict on the set, the result of the people to make a fuss about it.The two have always had a good relationship, and ren jialun’s career is partly managed by his wife, and the financial control is basically on her side.5. Because Jin Chen cares too much about her figure management, she is a little thin and out of shape. After appearing on the camera, she always gives people a strange feeling.Jin Chen doesn’t care that much about the former, but the latter affects her status in the circle, so she decides to gain weight to cater to the latter’s aesthetic, just hoping she can do it right and not ruin all of her previous efforts at once.6 Peng Xiaoran earlier official announcement to join Thai Yang Chuanhe, her position in the company is the new flower, everything has to start from the beginning, the company is a seniority, she is now the same level and Hole Cher, two people to share resources, but hole Cher also slightly pressure her head.1. Zhong Hanliang is still an idol at present. In addition, outsiders want to keep a low profile and protect their privacy.2. Eric Tsang was once punished for mocking Joey Yung’s looks.3 an Yixuan’s husband suddenly had an accident, and her love history was turned out.Many young netizens may not know that An Yixuan once seriously milk Lee Chenghyun for a while, sincerely help him push resources, the result was later cut off.Today, after the husband of An Yixuan went on the hot search, Lee Cheng-hyun and Qi Wei immediately controlled the comment, for fear of the good reputation of the previous business will be affected, but Lee Cheng-hyun is also lucky, the mainland met these two girlfriends are his career.4. Liu Haoran and Chen Sicheng have no interest relationship now, Chen Sicheng is talking about cooperation with his counterpart Wu Lei recently.5. Huo Zun recently made fun of himself, saying that he could have a good New Year, after all, his ex-girlfriend could only spend the New Year in prison. He even wanted to bring something to visit his ex-girlfriend, to see how she was doing and laugh in her face.6. Bona’s new film, Moscow Ops, directed by Dante Lam, is also being approached by Liu Haoran.7. When Zhao benshan bought a private plane, He was mocked by Wang Sicong for being a farmer.In fact, although she was dissatisfied with her former company, Huanrui duo, it was still her drama, and the drama of several months should not be shot in vain. She worked hard both in acting and in dubbing, and she would not react negatively to the subsequent publicity.This year is ancient couple big year, Yang Zi, cheng Yi of this “aloes such as filings” very likely outstanding encircling big burst, huan Rui last year net profit deficit on hundred million, this year pointing to “aloes such as filings” become big burst play good earn some money.9 noon through the purchase of press marketing, the “county party compound” this cake thoroughly hot up, men with contact is all a male flow, Bai Jingting is also talking about, his possibility is the biggest, just finished shooting “new Sichuan daily” into the group to shoot this drama.An Yixuan is also in a difficult situation now. After her husband’s accident, the pressure has come to her side, and many people even come to her door to urge her to pay back the money.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to baifen star entertainment, Yu More MCN