Can’t bear to look at the comparison!A handsome couple put on 80 pounds after dating for two years

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Aimoer Jiang recently went viral when she showed off the difference in body shape between her boyfriend and her after two years of dating, writing: “At first it was a good match!Then…It’s also a good match!”In the video, Aimoer sauce and her boyfriend are completely different from two years ago.How much weight have they gained?Aimoer sauce revealed the shocking statistics: “I went from 10kg to 160kg. My boyfriend is a little bit better, but he also went from 120kg to 150kg. We put on 80kg together.”Why did you gain so much weight?Aimoer suggested it might have something to do with lifestyle: “After we got together, we often went out for late night snacks at 11pm. Pig feet, big elbows, hot pot and barbecue were our favorites. We didn’t do much exercise, so we gained weight.””We have been together for two and a half years, but we are not married yet. We don’t want to be able to wear wedding dresses and dresses when we get married. So we have started to plan to lose weight.You get fat when you’re together?Excuses!Why can happen “love drinking fat” this kind of situation?Deng Wuquan, director of secretory department of Chongqing Emergency Medical Center (Affiliated Central Hospital of Chongqing University) refuted: “The so-called love drinking fat is an excuse, so many friends, marriage, not all will get fat.Celebrity couples and couples do not gain weight even after having children.”Deng Wuquan said that eating more and moving less is the real reason for gaining weight: “First of all, the intake of calories is far more than consumption, eat midnight snack in the evening, after eating sleep, this behavior is easy to cause the heat into fat.The second possibility is that affected by the epidemic, many people eat, drink and play at home, rarely go outdoors to exercise and play, weight gain is very common, 2 years old 50 kg is also common.”Deng also analyzed that science has proven that obesity is related to genes.Some people eat a lot and don’t exercise much, but they don’t gain much weight.Some people are easy to fat constitution, eat anything on the fat.For how to lose weight, Deng wuquan’s advice is to lose weight or to shut up, take a step, use some suitable for their own weight control methods.Upstream news copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact in time