Zhejiang Department of Human Resources and Social Security responded to “Loans for College Students’ Entrepreneurial Failure”

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According to zhejiang Human Resources and Social Security Department website on February 18, February 17 morning, the National Development and Reform Commission press conference, introduced the support of Zhejiang province high-quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration zone to promote the situation.For the netizen calls to inquire about the policy of college students applying for entrepreneurship guarantee loan, now open reply.Interpretation of Zhejiang Entrepreneurial Guarantee loan policy.The picture is from the official website of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security.One, about policy started time and background in 2015, in order to implement The General Office of the State Council on the development of the business and promote the innovation in the public space of guidance “(9 countries do hair [2015]) and the State Council on further do a good job under the new situation the employment business opinions” (guo fa [2015] no. 23), and other two files,Zhejiang Provincial Government issued opinions on Supporting Mass Entrepreneurship and Promoting Employment (Zhejiang Zhengfa (2015) No. 21).According to the policy, college students and urban and rural workers who have the requirements and conditions to start a business but lack start-up funds can apply for a loan of no more than 300,000 yuan for starting individual businesses (including accredited online businesses).The amount of loans may be appropriately increased for those who operate in partnership or establish enterprises.In 2018, the Zhejiang Provincial government issued the “Implementation Opinions on promoting employment in the current and future period” (Zhejiang Zhengfa [2018] No. 50), raising the maximum loan to 500,000 yuan.In 2015 the main purpose of this policy is to through the establishment of venture guarantee fund to compensate the fault tolerant mechanism, reduce the burden of focus groups, including college students entrepreneurship and concerns, creating the atmosphere of entrepreneurship, tolerance of failure, to solve, including college students, the focus of the group would like to venture no money, want to promote entrepreneurship, business fail any help nobody tube, etc.The policy stipulates that all first-time entrepreneurs in Zhejiang can apply for start-up guarantee loans.Among them, college students or graduates within five years of graduation (including college), registered unemployed for more than half a year, people with employment difficulties, retired soldiers, disabled persons with certificates and other five categories of personnel can apply for loans guaranteed by the start-up guarantee fund set up by the government.Three, about the procedures of college students to apply for entrepreneurship guarantee loan policy, the application of entrepreneurship guarantee loan must be reviewed by two procedures: one is by the human social security department to organize experts to audit the entrepreneurship project, after passing the loan qualification certification issued by the entrepreneurship guarantee fund for college students;Second, college students with qualification certification and relevant materials, to the handling bank loan application, the handling bank of college students entrepreneurship project situation, credit status, solvency and other investigations.After the examination and approval, the start-up guarantee fund set up by the government provides guarantee for college students, and the handling banks issue loans to college students.After the college students repay the loan principal and interest on schedule, they apply for discount interest to the human social security department with the repayment certificate issued by the handling bank.Iv. Implementation of the Compensation Mechanism for Entrepreneurial Failure If the loan cannot be repaid due to entrepreneurial failure and the loan guaranteed by the entrepreneurial guarantee fund established by the government is identified as non-performing, the loan less than 100,000 yuan will be fully compensated by the entrepreneurial guarantee fund;80% of loans of more than 100,000 yuan and less than 500,000 yuan will be reimbursed by the start-up guarantee fund.At the same time, the implementation measures have also clarified the mechanism of recovery and verification. In principle, recovery shall be made after compensation, but those who are really unable to repay shall be written off from the start-up guarantee fund after examination and approval in accordance with the prescribed procedures.Source | Zhejiang Department of Human Resources and Social Security