“Ten years of product temperature such as words,” the pain of the original family, Wen Heng after all, the words involuntarily

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I haven’t seen the original work of “Ten years one Taste Of Warm Words”, I heard that the ending is a tragedy, so I did psychological construction before watching the movie.But in the process of looking at the temperature balance and speech to shock the pain of the original family, how a miserable word.First love wen Heng (Ren Min ornaments), she lost her childhood is not her fault, she is closer to foster parents is human nature, biological parents to her concern is not enough to understand, think she to contend for the favor of the Wensier everywhere for her but I do not understand.No matter how poor her adoptive parents were, they were the people who brought her up from childhood. Her adoptive father even planned to go to the city to work and save her money for college in advance.No blood brother cloud, even if not for a long time, will be with the temperature balance in pettish.I think such a family is also good, even if Wushui is not as good as Beijing teachers, but the learning pressure is not so big, the key is a good family atmosphere, the so-called spirit of pleasure, to feel happy, which is also beneficial to learning.In contrast to the biological parents of The temperature heng, father did not have a positive concern about her, mother’s love 60% to the adopted daughter Wensier (Xu Tongxin ornaments), 35% to the son Wen Si Guan (Ding Nan ornaments), to the temperature heng only 5%, but also often robbed.Admire wen Heng strong heart and endurance, IF I had to fight with Her every day.Why should one of her adopted daughters be more favored than my own?I lost so many years of love, shouldn’t my birth parents double compensate?And Winslet Wan, why do you only listen to Winslet when everything happens?Why not give Wen Heng a chance to explain?They don’t take as good care of the temperature as their neighbors.If Wen si Wan were not a good friend of Yan Xi, I would scold him.Fortunately, with the passage of time, Wensier and Wensiguan finally take Wen Heng as relatives.Fortunately, Wen Heng realized his dream of being a doctor.Fortunately, there is Gu Feibai (Li Zefeng) this good friend guarding her, absolute no sweet without sweat.Again distressed speech xi (Ding Yu Xi ornaments), he gave me the first impression is rich children, can live in a big house, never see him to worry about food and clothing, travel and spend money also never distressed, go to the United States to buy air tickets said to go.Never did not think of his original family so unfortunate, mother indulge father, give up his love of the cause far to accompany foreign country, ended up in mental depression was abandoned, in the face of his son jumped to death, let speech xi suffer from stress disorder.Perhaps Yan Xi’s father had not wronged him financially, otherwise how could he, a student, balance his studies with taking care of his sick and jobless mother?And if there is no original capital, how can he get the money to invest in Siguan after being sick for so long?Money and can not buy happiness, youth without the company of parents, youth suffered many spiritual blows, again talented and proud people will be polished edges and corners, so that he has no conditions and no courage to love, feeling miserable than the temperature balance.If the affection that Wen Heng values can only rely on time to fuse, finally brought about no sweet without sweat.So speech xi is involuntarily, obviously his parents own conditions are so good, but let him keep the relatives feel less than affection, miserable add miserable!Aside from the quality of the film, the acting skills of the actors, and all the drama in the film, it’s interesting to consider the pain of the original family.To be a parent, you either have no child or be responsible for it.