Xu Mengtao, the veteran of the Four Dynasties, realized her dream with a jump and finally broke the curse of no Crown for Chinese women skiers

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“At home, we finally won!”Xu mengtao raised her arms to the sky and burst into tears at the Zhangjiakou Genting Ski Park as the final American athlete ended her race with a failed landing.The scene echoed with a song “proud young”, “burn, proud blood, the song of victory I will sing again…”The 32-year-old veteran of four Winter Olympics finally realized her dream of winning an Olympic gold medal, which had been hidden in her heart for 20 years, and broke the “magic spell” of the Chinese women’s moguls event for 24 years.”You did it!Did it!”The two rounds of the final, which lasted more than an hour, seemed to boil down to the last two jumps, the penultimate debut of Xu Mengtao and the final appearance of her longtime rival, ASHLEY Caldwell of the United States.Xu was preceded by Belarusian Elena Hushkova, who scored 107.95 points.Under the pressure of “one jump to win or lose”, Xu Mengtao landed steadily and completed the most difficult movement in the world with high quality. She scored 108.61 points in one fell swoop, temporarily ranking first.The applause soon died down, and everyone held their breath, waiting for the appearance of Xu mengtao’s biggest rival, Caldwell.The same difficulty, the same pressure, Caldwell failed, she didn’t land on her feet, and the dust settled.Before the scores could be scored, Caldwell was in front of Xu, his arms outstretched, and the two girls embraced, Shouting, “You did it, you did it!””Thanks, you’re the best, too!”Caldwell sincerely congratulated his old rival and friend.Caldwell told reporters after the race that Xu’s stunning final jump left her with no choice. “At best, or at worst, I had to go for it!Obviously, this is her title, she played so well and I’m so proud of her.”Caldwell said.”I also want to give birth on February 14th” After the race in the mixed zone, Xu Mengtao walked all the way, all the way to share the inner excitement and joy, face is mixed with tears smile.”Happy holidays!Reporters were somewhat surprised by her opening remarks, “February 14 is a special day. I decided to have my wedding anniversary and everything on February 14. I want to have my baby on February 14.”February 14 was indeed a lucky day for Xu mengtao, “My first World Cup champion was on February 14, 2009, my first Olympic medal was on February 14, 2014 in Sochi, and the moment I made history in my life was On February 14, 2022…She choked up again.Just three days ago, Xu Mengtao cried during the medal ceremony for the mixed team aerials in freestyle skiing at the Beijing Winter Olympics, once again coming within a whisk of winning the Olympic title.From the first experience of the Olympics in Vancouver, to the first podium in Sochi, to the pyeongchang cycle through injury left regret…Xu mengtao, who was born in 1990 and is making her fourth Olympic appearance, hopes to fulfill her dream at the Beijing Games.”When I was standing there, I was longing for (the champion), hoping that the Chinese flag would be raised and the national anthem would be played.Today I finally did it!Now it feels like a dream. God saw my efforts, my efforts…”The technical mentality is excellent, the championship deserved high difficulty and stable play, is the key to win gold Xu Mengtao.In addition to technical stability, the more key is mental stability, “after the group regretfully lost gold, I told reporters to zero, good and bad zero, with the fastest time to adjust themselves, the team also gave us the most adequate guarantee.”But I always believe THAT I can do it. I can stay focused in any situation, including the final. I don’t know how many points the players in front of me jumped, and I don’t care about anyone.”Women’s snow air skill has always been China’s traditional strengths, but it has not been at the winter Olympic Games, after five six Olympic winter games runner-up and always failed to Pierce the enough, in addition to poor luck, its difficulty and stability has been unable to find a balance, plus always encounter rivals erupted, a championship as always, with endless regret.In The Beijing Winter Olympics, Xu mengtao combined difficulty and stability to the extreme, and finally ended the history of The Chinese women’s team without a title.”It looked like it was just a game today, but I’ve gone through countless rehearsals and thought of all the scenarios.”Xu mengtao said.In 2006, Han Xiaopeng won the men’s aerials team’s first gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Turin. It was 16 years ago that The Chinese women’s aerials team finally won the title, and Xu mengtao deserved it.Column editor: Chen Hua Author: Yao Qinyi Text editor: Yao Qinyi