Us stocks fell, A shares rose, two reasons let us this time straight back!

2022-07-23 0 By

Opens the market affected by peripheral and low, but is not low, steel, coal, building materials, real estate, silver guarantee refused to adjust the weights variety, successively higher, east west are was born, has the right to the bottom of the great trust, and a new concept of the active market, the market quickly emerged, and a wave of lift in the afternoon, eventually closed up 0.66%, 807.4 billion clinch a deal amount.Yesterday’s data, in the case of sudden bearish, the market is more fragile, a letter because all the way empty, is relatively calm, other major players because all the way empty, is a little panic, the steering wheel turned a little urgent, the main force is still such as some, retail investors need to protect themselves.After yesterday’s close, the periphery of the night generally closed down, nasdaq fell as high as 2.88%, but A shares today just opened by A little influence, finally closed the red, THE United States stocks fell, A shares rose, what is the reason for us this straight spine?Personally, I think there are at least two reasons:1. The period refers to the influence of the delivery date The rebound in the process, A letter about 6 hands empty, the other major players around minus 22000 hands empty, the latter than the former 16000 hands, you can imagine, its inevitable in varieties, such as options on the positions of the same direction, if A shares also like last night’s stocks that drop method, the loss of the other key players will be very striking,So an opening on the strength of the weight of varieties, as long as the index does not fall, you can put this pass through.2. The yuan hit a recent highs After U.S. stocks fell, according to past experience, north will go back to him, but not out of the country, not only today but into the 4.8 billion, do not rule out other key players will pass through the hkex to increase confidence, more the main reason is that the yuan remains strong, today again rose more than 100 basis points, every upward breakthrough,The last time it was higher was In April 2018.A sustained strengthening of the renminbi can make local currency assets more attractive and increase expectations of easing.It is sometimes tempting to wonder if the other major players have taken such a big short position with their own currency in mind.Why, then, would a letter do the opposite?Or are they all in this together, one good cop and the other bad cop?Although the market rose, but there are also unsatisfactory places, the volume of 100 billion instead of shrinking, up when the contraction is usually not a good signal, institutions after the closing of the data is not very good.Citic plus empty 854 hands, and the market reverse deviation among them: 1) IC plus empty 1060 hands, THE CSI 500 index rose 0.98%, reverse deviation;2) IF you add 354 hands, CSI 300 index will rise 0.48%, reverse divergence;3) IH shorted 560 hands, sse 50 index rose 0.75%, operation in line with the direction of the index;Other major players add short 337 hands, and the market reverse deviation from which: 1) IC short 1542 hands, and the direction of the China Securities 500 index;2) IF shorted 8 hands, in line with csi 300 index;3) IH short 1887 lots, and sse 50 inverse deviation;Together, both in the general direction of the same, are in the short, and the market reverse deviation, combined with 1191 hands, strength is not small, both in the direction of the details completely opposite, the market divergence is larger.Today’s time node is special, the market floating red has to do the composition of the plate, next Wednesday options delivery, before this is doomed to not calm, appropriate warehouse control, give yourself some space for operation.