The second presidium meeting was held at the first session of the ninth CPPCC

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On February 18, the 9th Liupanshui City Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) held its second presidium meeting at its first session.Executive chairman of the presidium and presidium chairman Wang Li presided over the meeting.Municipal standing committee, municipal organization Department minister Gao Xiaoyun attended the meeting to explain the personnel matters.Executive chairmen of presidium fan Sanchuan, Jiang Shengdong, Pu Zhaomin, Lu Yi, Peng Jixing, Jiang Zexuan, Tang Jinyun, Chen Huawei and He Guangxiang attended the meeting.At the meeting, Gao xiaoyun explained the candidates for chairman, vice chairman, secretary general and standing members of the 9th Liupanshui Committee of the CPPCC.The draft list of candidates for chairman, vice chairman, secretary-general and standing members of the 9th Liupanshui Committee of the CPPCC was discussed through consultation.Deliberating the electoral method (draft);A draft list of general supervisors and supervisors was put forward through consultation.Members of the presidium and relevant staff of the secretariat of the Conference attended the meeting.Source: Liupanshui Daily reporter Chen Chidong Zhong Wei first instance: Meng Gu second instance: Yang Xiuyong third instance: Liu Yunbing