Qujing Big Data Center resident Village Team: Vigorously implement the “Five Grasp five upgrade” scientific planning of 2022 rural revitalization assistance work

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February 8, in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of qujing’s new journey to forge ahead and push forward the new spanning three years of action mobilization conference, consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, comprehensively strengthen the Party building, strengthen the construction of ecological civilization, and consolidate the grassroots foundation of social governance.Big data center residency team will hold a special jobs, taking 2022 rural revitalization of the witness, the improved five caught five, take concrete actions to ensure all policy decisions fall down small, under the real kung fu to the for people “, booster unit support xuanwei Pulitzer township impressive hing village rural revitalization work have made new achievements.We should follow the guidance of Party building and enhance cohesion.Adhere to the leadership of the Party, to assist the village “two committees” to develop the annual work plan of the village general branch, as a whole to carry out the work throughout the year, and continue to promote the superior decision-making and deployment in yixing Village.We have innovated the forms of Party building activities, and carried out in-depth activities such as “Three meetings and one Lesson”, themed Party Day, concentrated study, and going out to study and exchange. We have strengthened the publicity of Party policies and promoted in-depth and practical theoretical study to benefit the people.To further study the party’s sixth plenary of the 19th and the upcoming group of 20 large spirit, earnestly implement the jinping new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the related country revitalization of the instruction spirit, strengthen the communication with the village “two committees” collaboration, clarify development ideas, to assist the village “two committees” team to solve difficult grass-roots work difficulty, plugging point problem.To promote the standardization and standardization of the organization of the Party General Branch in Yixing Village, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, improve organizational and executive ability, and better serve the people.We will focus on institutional building and improve governance.Assist the “two committees” of the village to establish and improve the relevant system of village governance, standardize the decision-making and procedure of the two committees of the village, clarify the division of responsibilities, each performing its own duties, work together to enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the grassroots Party organizations.To assist the “two committees” of the village to strengthen the overall leadership of the village party organization on the work of the village, form a joint governance force to promote and standardize the operation of village affairs, urge the implementation of the village-level “four discussions and two open” decision-making, village-level “small and micro power list” and other systems and mechanisms, promote the villagers group level to formulate village rules and regulations, strengthen the supervision of village affairs.Assist the village “two committees” to deepen the rural “grid” management, improve the “village level party organization — village (residents) people’s group Party branch (party group) — Party member center household” operation system, timely find and resolve all kinds of contradictions and problems, promote social harmony and stability of Yixing Village.We will give full play to the strengths of our units and actively explore the use of big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to improve the level of rural digital governance.We will consolidate poverty alleviation and improve its effectiveness.Assist the village “two committees” improve the impressive hing village consolidate development of poverty engines work results effective connection with country revitalization plan, the implementation of the central, provincial, city and county rural low-income population normalized support mechanism, regularly or irregularly to impressive hing village low objects, strands personnel, easy to Chinese rural poverty personnel complete coverage of low-income people to visit monitoring, improve the relevant parameter data.In view of the problems found in the visits and monitoring, a comprehensive analysis and judgment will be made based on the data of industry and departments, and the village “two committees” will do a good job in helping and assisting the population at risk of returning to poverty or falling into poverty.We cooperated with the village committees to strengthen follow-up management and supervision of poverty alleviation project assets, and safeguarded the collective property rights of Yixing Village in accordance with the law.In helping poor labor employment action, active docking relevant departments and relevant enterprises, the implementation of enterprise employee and poor employment “double touch bottom, double docking”, many measures and set up enterprises “to hire” and poor “employment” Bridges, precision two-way poor employment demand and enterprise labor demand docking, plans to invite relevant experts at the same time,We will carry out skills training for farmers in farming and planting, improve their agricultural level and increase their income.Strengthen the village to enrich the people, enhance the capacity for development.Investigating the impressive hing village in industry development, infrastructure construction, difficulties and problems of the people’s livelihood improvement and so on, for is closely related to ordinary life, the production of “distress sorrow to” problem, serious study countermeasures, clarify working ideas, find work measures to highlight the focus and emphasis on impressive hing village, transport infrastructure, drinking water safety, dangerous house renovation, such as the weak link,Strive for superior project funding support, make up the short board of yixing Village development.Based on the characteristic resources of Yixing Village, in accordance with the general requirements of “prosperous industry, livable ecology, affluent life, civilized local customs and effective governance”, scientific planning of industrial development projects through investigation and study, experts guidance and other ways, and constantly strengthen the collective economy of Yixing Village, promote farmers to increase their income and get rich.Actively assist the village “two committees” to do a good job in the follow-up work of “cadres planning hometown action”, call on the village of Yixing talented people home to participate in planning hometown action, pool wisdom, help formulate rural industry, talent, organization and other development planning, to achieve the “nine have” target task.Propulsion impressive hing village construction of spiritual civilization and ecological civilization construction, in 2021 to declare success xuanwei WenMing Village, on the basis of increase the intensity of work, actively create qujing city WenMing Village declaration, patriotic health promoting impressive xing village “7” special action, a major task to improve rural living environment regulation to the ground, lay solid foundation for the beautiful rural construction.Work for the people and improve their satisfaction.By means of holding meetings, visiting households and Posting publicity materials in party members’ activity rooms, we actively publicized national, provincial and municipal policies to benefit the people, focusing on the “two worries, three guarantees” and drinking water safety, and actively promoted the transfer, distribution and reform, housing and construction, transportation, water affairs, health and other departments to promote all kinds of resources to the grass-roots level.We will strengthen care and services for people in need, make frequent visits to help solve “urgent problems”, and coordinate assistance work.Focusing on those who have been lifted out of poverty in Yixing Village, the policy of small interest-free credit has been publicized and promoted to effectively solve farmers’ living and production difficulties.Publicize and promote information platforms such as “Yunling Pioneer” and “Zhaoming Government” APP to help people in Yixing Village learn to use the Internet to handle public services, and constantly enhance people’s sense of gain, happiness and security.(Author: Xie Chuangcai, First Secretary and team leader of Municipal Big Data Center in Yixing Village, Puli Township, Xuanwei city)