What a bustle!It’s hard to get a ticket for the New Year’s Lion Dance

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Firecrackers in the old year, the spring breeze into tu Su.On February 1st, the first day of the New Year, Gaoping was filled with a strong smell of the New Year. Many citizens went out of their homes, shopping malls and watching movies became the preferred way of entertainment for many citizens in the New Year.At 9:30 in the morning, in Wangfujing Shopping Center of Nanchong, there was a wonderful activity of lion dance and prize winning. With the sound of drums, two “red lions” danced, rolled and jumped in unison, showing their unique skills. The scene was filled with joy, harmony and festive atmosphere.The “red lion” leads the “patrol” shop, for the merchants to ask for red envelopes, meaning the New Year business prosperous.”In the New Year, we get a red envelope to win a good fortune, symbolizing the booming business this year and wishing our citizens a happy New Year.”Wangfujing shopping center a clothing store manager said.”At the beginning of the New Year, my children went out to visit Wangfujing, where there are strong brand activities. If they see something suitable, they will buy a dress.”Ms. Lin Yi Fan, who just came out of the shopping mall, told reporters that her hometown was in Chongqing and she stayed in Nanchong for the Spring Festival this year. Various activities in the shopping mall made her feel the strong taste of the New Year.In addition to the “good start” activity, Wangfujing Shopping Center also launched a series of promotional activities for the benefit of the people, catering, retail, clothing and other major brands at a discount of 30%, promote discounts and increase the full amount of gifts, the activity will last until after the Spring Festival holiday.”Wangfujing Shopping Center prepared the first exhibition of the New Year with the theme of” Tiger tiger makes Money Balloon Exhibition “, and prepared a series of preferential activities for returning citizens and migrant workers, such as a 30 yuan coupon, A New Year gift package, and a large exchange for New Year goods.From the first day to the seventh day, there are parades, red envelope drawing and lucky bags to create the best shopping atmosphere for the public.”Nanchong Wangfujing shopping center general manager Pu Liqun told reporters.The film festival has always been concerned by the vast number of film fans and citizens.On the afternoon of February 1st, the reporter saw posters promoting new films for the Spring Festival in The Poly MAL Wanda Cinema in Nanchong, and people were lining up in front of self-service ticket machines.”The Spring Festival is very popular this year, and people are very enthusiastic about going to the movies. It’s hard to get a ticket these days from the presale situation, especially in the afternoon and after dinner ‘prime time’. Tickets are only available after 10 PM.””Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake”, a red film themed against The United States and North Korea, is the most pre-sold film during the Spring Festival, while other films, such as comedy “The Man is Not Too Cool” and animated film “Boonie Bears”, are almost sold out, said Wang Xiao, operation director of Nanchong Poly MAL Wanda Cinema.Cinema staff said that this Spring Festival has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to do epidemic prevention work.When entering the cinema, they need to scan the venue code and take their temperature. They are required to wear a mask during the whole movie watching process. They will clean and disinfect the cinema in time after each movie screening.Gaoping District Rong Media Center reporter: Hou Pengcheng reports