Small cloth said the weather | spring leisurely coming, flowers will bloom, flower skirt plan up

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Zhengzhou meteorological Bureau reminds: today daytime to night: cloudy to overcast day southerly wind: level 3-4 Highest temperature: 17 ~ 18℃ Minimum temperature: 5 ~ 6℃ Tomorrow daytime: cloudy, northwest wind level 4-5, gusts level 6-7.Good morning!Good morning everyone, who has noticed that today is the last Sunday of the first month in the Year of the Tiger, the 27th day of the first month in the lunar calendar, February 27th in the Gregorian calendar. Next week, March will be marchSpring warm flowers to bloom in order to compete with the flowers at that time everyone’s weight loss plan is not the arrangement of the temperature of these days, the sky seems to be “sending warmth” yesterday in most areas of my province, the highest temperature was close to 18 degrees afternoon to go out of the outside can already take off the cool weather forecast said tomorrow (Monday) during the dayThe highest temperature in most areas of Our province will soar to about 20℃, but the temperature in Zhengzhou will go out of the “N” shape. Based on the warm air at the end of this month, the cold air will cool down 6~8℃ at the beginning of next month. However, this cooling is very shortHowever, the period is still unstable. It will be cold in the morning and evening. Everyone should pay attention to keep warm today and tomorrow.In this beautiful day, single people should make a date and get married. Please cherish the warmth of the weather. It would be beautiful to have someone to accompany you gently