Send 1500 onboard consumption/upgrade/free single room difference, merchants Viking Shanghai line in February to promote

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Investment Viking Cruises Shanghai-Shenzhen line, today announced the promotion plan for February (△ Route map, Dongtou Island @ Wenzhou) 20% discount all cabins are 20% off.As long as you reserve the suite, you will receive 1500 yuan for onboard consumption, which will be directly transferred to the ship card and can be used for charging shore sightseeing/unlimited drink/massage and other charges on board.April 3,10,17,24, May 1,8, these 6 trips of exquisite balcony room and superior balcony room free of single room difference.A person can board a boat and stay in a room for the price of one person, without having to share a room with others.April/May departures free upgrade premium balcony room DV6L DV4, DV4l DV2, DV1l deluxe balcony room PV1.Compared with January, the promotional activities in February increased: suite complimentary 1500 yuan on board consumption from April to May 6 voyages free single room difference may voyage free upgrade why more promotional items in February?Because they don’t sell well in January, and if they sell well in February they raise the price.Especially for the first six voyage to Shanghai starting from 4.3, it is estimated that there will not be too many guests, even if the room is empty, so the shipping company once again offered a magic bullet to avoid single room difference.The promotion items increased in February, and the customers who bought in January became leeks.Viking has a long tradition of not letting early buyers lose out.If the sales are successful, the promotion will be reduced as the shipping date approaches. However, if the sales are not as expected, the promotion will be increased, and the compensation policy will be implemented for the customers who purchased before.For example, guests booked in January can automatically enjoy all promotional items in February, which pulls up the pattern.If the sales are still poor in February, will the price be reduced?Don’t.Since its first voyage on October 1 last year, the number of passengers has been low, with only more than 100 people on some voyages. But even so, the ticket price has never been lowered.A while ago due to the epidemic in Shenzhen, China Merchants Viking cruise ship was suspended for a period of time and resumed on February 13.According to the general understanding, it is necessary to make great sales efforts to recover the loss after the resumption of the voyage. However, China Merchants Viking does not sell only two voyages after the resumption of the voyage. The following voyages will not be sold for external sales, which will be used for activities and media reception.So although China Merchants Viking cruise needs to make money, but relying on China Merchants bureau, the demand for quick money seems not so big.Next, I would like to introduce the Shanghai route. There are 28 sailings of “Shanghai-Shenzhen”/” Shenzhen-Shanghai “by China Merchants Viking Cruise, and the price is divided into three classes: off-season, shoulder season and holidays.Off-season/peak season, unified price flat season, each month price has different holidays, 5.1/10.2 price is different ask V, DV, PV, PS, ES what are the meaning?V – exquisite balcony room DV – senior balcony room PV – luxury balcony room PS – comfortable suite ES – enjoy the suite behind the smaller the number, on behalf of the same level of room is better, such as DV1 is better than DV5 if you want to know in detail about each room type is what, and what facilities there are in the room, point here:Come, look at the video of each room of Merchant Viking Cruise ship asking the room type code so many, which is the most cost-effective?Suggest to buy delicate balcony room V2, senior balcony room DV4 and luxury balcony room PV1.Choose the exquisite balcony room V2, because the price is the cheapest.Choose superior balcony room V4 and deluxe balcony room PV1, because there are free upgrades.Since there are no free upgrades, the best value cabin is the V2.Even if the suite gives you 1500 yuan for onboard consumption, I also suggest you to choose balcony room, because China Merchants Viking cruise ship is different from the familiar royal /MSC/ Costa, “suite” does not have a dedicated restaurant and exclusive activity area, after boarding the ship is equal, so it is enough to choose balcony room.In order to make it more convenient for you to see, I have made a list of the cheapest exquisite balcony room V2 price with 20% discount. We won’t repeat it. You can refer to the travel notes written by previous customers.If you happen to have been on a Princess/Royal Caribbean/Novajan cruise and want to know the difference,You can also refer to the following two travel notes: Merchants Viking VS Princess cruise has sat people tell you how to choose merchants Viking balcony room experience is better than Novazen Haven and royal Gold card suite?By booking early bird of Viking cruise from April to November, 20% off pre-sale, return to write travel notes, each room can also get 1500 yuan in cash.The mini program shows the total price of a room at a 20% discount.Discounted price after upgrade