Or build a production base in Chongqing?Ideal Motor: “No comment

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Recently, chongqing Public resources Transaction supervision network shows that Chongqing Chezhiyu Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. won the land parcel A16-8, A sub-area of Liangjiang New Area Soil and Water Group at the price of about 431 million yuan. The industrial category of the land use conditions is transportation equipment manufacturing, and the transaction time is January 27, 2022.Public information shows that Chongqing Chezhiyu Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. is 100% controlled by Chongqing Ideal Automobile Co., LTD.Some analysis said that this or means that the ideal car will build a production base in Chongqing.In response, Ideal Motor said, We have no comment.It is worth mentioning that the origin of ideal cars and Chongqing has a long history.In December 2018, Ideal Automobile acquired Chongqing Lifan Automobile Co., LTD for 650 million yuan to obtain the qualification of new energy vehicle production.On December 15, 2021, Ideal Auto signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with chongqing Municipal government.At that time, Li Xiang, founder, chairman and CEO of Ideal Automobile, said that Ideal automobile would increase its investment layout in Chongqing and continue to deepen its strategic cooperation with Chongqing.The connection between the two will be even closer as Ideal motor obtains the above land in Chongqing.According to chongqing Public Resources Transaction Supervision network, the land area auctioned by Ideal Automobile is about 1,133,400 square meters, and the plot ratio is ≧0.7. The land use is class II industrial land, the transfer life is 50 years, the land area is 1,133,400 square meters, and the building scale is 793,400 square meters.It can support no more than 7% of the administrative office and living service facilities, that is, no more than 79,000 square meters.”Chongqing Public Resources Trading Center state-owned construction land use rights public transfer notice” shows that the ideal car to use the land to build the project in three months to start the construction, three years after the completion of the project means that the latest will be completed in 2025.However, ideal’s specific plans for the site have yet to be announced.