Develop inclusive green Finance Prevent and defuse financial risks Improve the development capacity of financial services in Our city

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Finance is the core of modern economy and an important force to promote economic and social development.Last year, Qujing promoted the development of inclusive finance and green finance, helped rural revitalization, prevented and resolved financial risks, and focused on improving the development capacity of financial services. The balance of all deposits in the city increased by 7.39% and the balance of all loans increased by 15.07% year-on-year.The city has taken detailed measures to consolidate responsibilities, improved the mechanism of supervision and notification of interviews, strengthened window guidance, and guided financial institutions to increase support for the real economy.Last year, the balance and increment of loans in the city hit a record high, and the growth rate hit a new high since 2014.The New Bureau for Rural Revitalization has promoted the development of a rural payment environment and a rural credit system, establishing 1,850 stations benefiting farmers, 102 credit townships (towns and subdistricts), and 1,233 credit villages, accounting for 87 percent of the total number of documents filed.The first “mobile phone number payment demonstration zone” in Yunnan province will be built in Huize County, and the promotion of mobile phone number payment in rural areas will be fully launched.To print and distribute qujing’s banking and insurance policies, products and case books on financial support for rural revitalization, establish a joint meeting system of financial services for rural revitalization, formulate and implement financial support for rural revitalization action plans.Promoting the development of inclusive finance and green finance.Last year, the loan balance of inclusive small and micro enterprises in The city was 17.722 billion yuan, up 24.59% year on year.Strong promotion of receivables financing, helping the development of small, medium and micro enterprises, the transaction amount of 12.833 billion yuan, the number of new transactions and the growth rate of transaction amount ranked first in the province.A green finance leading group was established, a green credit target responsibility management mechanism was established, and the preliminary work of carbon finance was carried out steadily. The balance of green loans in the city reached 16.389 billion yuan, up 181.89% year on year, strongly supporting the green upgrading of infrastructure and the development of clean energy industry.The disposal of credit risks in the banking sector was strengthened, and the non-performing credit rate dropped to 3.01%. The non-performing credit rate of 19 banking institutions was lower than the provincial average.The disposal progress of high-risk financial institutions was accelerated, and qujing’s five high-risk financial institutions listed in the provincial high-risk financial institutions list were all listed.Dispose of Internet financial risks in accordance with the law, and complete the withdrawal of 7 P2P lending institutions listed in the provincial rectification list on schedule.Illegal fund-raising was severely cracked down on, and pamphlets on preventing illegal fund-raising were issued to enhance the public’s awareness of risk prevention.