40 US satellites scrapped in Low Earth Orbit, Threatening China’s Space Station?The Foreign Ministry makes a solemn statement

2022-07-22 0 By

According to a report released on the official website of SpaceX on February 8, 40 starlink satellites launched by the company on February 3 have already deviated or will soon deviate from the existing low Earth orbit due to the influence of solar wind, according to huanqiu on February 10.SpaceX stresses that the trajectory of these satellites will not affect other spacecraft in the same orbit, and that any failed satellites will eventually fall into the atmosphere and burn up to be destroyed.Although the ferry company has repeatedly claimed that the 40 satellite in orbit scrap will not affect the safety of space activities, but NASA is still issued a stern warning, according to bloomberg reports that at NASA report submitted to the federal communications commission, said the current “star chain” plan is nearly 2000 satellites in orbit,NASA has lambasted SpaceX’s plans as a threat to low-Earth orbit, and Starlink will feature in every image taken by a ground-based telescope.In its report, NASA reiterated that SpaceX must prove to the federal government that the satellites are capable of automatically avoiding collisions while reducing the negative impact of starlink satellites on space activities.The complaints and accusations from NASA have once again focused attention on the safety of SpaceX’s Starlink program.In fact, in December last year, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs announced two cases of Chinese space station emergency hit a wall, and at that time, the Object of the Chinese space station to avoid is SpaceX’s “Starlink” satellite, the time of the Sino-US outer space game detonated international public opinion.It is interesting to note that the media in reporting on this matter, to stress that these messages are not getting the so-called “independent verification”, but China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, publicly confirmed this matter at a regular press conference at the time, and lambasting the United States in defiance of international treaty obligations in outer space, but claim to defend outer behavior of “responsible”, American’s duplicity fully exposed to the double standards.But the United States is not giving up was defending their own behavior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in February 10 held a regular press conference, a foreign media reporter asked spokesman Zhao Lijian, how American satellite twice denied star chain endanger China’s space station safety, and insisted that the satellite’s activity does not meet the threshold of the emergency collision standard, at the same time, the United States also said Chinese before for the United Nations issued a note,U.S. authorities have not been contacted to express concerns.Zhao Lijian made it clear that China reported the situation to the UN in accordance with its international obligations under Article 5 of the Outer Space Treaty. After the incident, China contacted relevant US departments by email many times, but received no reply.Zhao Lijian stressed that the so-called “lower limit of emergency collision avoidance standards” is a unilateral standard set by the US side and runs counter to its international obligations under the Outer Space Treaty.It is not hard to see that although the United States internally criticized SpaceX’s Starlink program and urged SpaceX to make corrections, this did not prevent them from using starlink satellites to interfere with China’s space activities.And the fact that the United States has publicly lied to the international community in order to avoid responsibility can only further deplete the Biden administration’s few remaining credibility points.But America’s these little tricks, for today’s China aerospace people do not have rolling edge, is now 36000 km practice of geostationary orbit 21 satellites, is testing “tug” function, has already successfully will be a big dipper of the failure of no. 2 satellite into higher “graveyard”, this means that as time goes by,The US plans to “touch” China’s satellites or even its space station in space will be effectively curbed.