“Today, the beginning of Spring” nanhua Farmer Specialized Cooperative of Dafang County: Live up to spring and help rural revitalization

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At the beginning of a New Year, snow in spring.Guizhou earth, auspicious snow flying all over the sky ushered in the beginning of spring.In the fields and villages, in the factory workshop, people with the New Year’s happiness beat, live up to the season, live up to the spring, began the New Year planning and struggle, guizhou mountain and your water played the spring of the endeavour movement!On February 3, the third day of the first lunar month, the sky suddenly cleared up after days of snow. Yang Chengmei, head of the nan Hua Farmer professional cooperative, came to the cooperative beef cattle breeding base and added forage to the cattle.New Year new atmosphere.Outside the base, the snow under the sun is more crystal clear.”A year’s plan in the spring, immediately spring, the New Year, cooperative cattle farm phase ii project is about to start, to the end of the year, breeding scale to increase more than 200.”Yang Chengmei confidently said that the future will build an annual output of 50,000 tons of supporting organic fertilizer processing plant, a little far away is pasture and boutique fruit planting base……A circular economy project seems to be in sight.”My goal is to build an agriculture-tourism integrated circular economy project in five years, which integrates forage planting, beef cattle raising, breeding, organic fertilizer processing, high-end fruit planting and idyllic scenery development, so as to increase the income of villagers and promote rural revitalization.”Yang Chengmei looked at his dream is becoming a reality step by step, thousands of past events in mind.Yang Chengmei is 42 years old this year is small tun township courtyard community people, the children of the rural family was born by hard study into China Agricultural University, after graduation into the central enterprise work, after years of struggle in Beijing to buy a house, marry, have a child, live a life that makes people envy.”My home is in the countryside, my roots are in the countryside.”From a peasant child to an urban white-collar worker, Yang chengmei has always been concerned about the development of her hometown. Since the country vigorously implemented rural revitalization, Yang Chengmei has been thinking about what she can do for the revitalization of her hometown.In March 2021, Yang chengmei quit her job in a state-owned enterprise, said goodbye to her wife and children, and returned to her hometown to start her own business.”Xiaotun township has thousands of acres of paddy fields and a large amount of land, every autumn rice and corn harvest will produce a large number of straw and corn straw, before the autumn harvest is mainly burned, both a waste of resources and not environmental protection.”Yang chengmei founded the Nanhua Farmers’ Professional Cooperative to buy the straw and corn stalks to raise cattle, which is environmentally friendly and creates economic value.”In 2021, my cattle base will grow from 20 cows to more than 120 by the end of the year, and over 200 cows will be produced annually, creating an output value of more than 4 million yuan.”From white collar to “cattle herd”, everything started from scratch, Yang Chengmei constantly learn breeding, epidemic prevention technology, understand the growth law of cattle, research feed formula, build production supply chain, contact organic fertilizer sales market.”In order to raise a good cow, I read breeding books, at least 10 jin weight.””See?It is a thousand mu small tun terraced fields, only more than 10 kilometers away from the county, is a rare tourist resources.”Pointing to the beautiful terraces in the snow, Yang chengmei said the cooperative will consider the development of rural scenery and promote the integrated development of agriculture and tourism.”The cooperative plans to invest 30 million yuan through 5 years of development, to reach 500 beef cattle breeding, grass planting 300 mu, high-end fruit planting 200 mu, organic fertilizer output of 50,000 tons, annual output value of more than 50 million yuan, solve the local employment of more than 200 people.”As for the future rural revitalization, Yang chengmei said, “Spring will definitely be fulfilled!”Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Xie Chaozheng editor Zhang Liangsheng editor Min Jiewei a qian