Sixers message bombing tactics!Philly reporter: The sixers put out a call to force harden!

2022-07-20 0 By

Do you dare to believe!The Sixers are falling for Harden again!According to a Philadelphia reporter who has access to a team source, the Sixers believe Harden is approaching madness.Almost everyone knows that ‘Harden for Simmons’ is a myth the entire universe doesn’t believe!And the only decent addition the 76ers can get is another contract wreck in Tobias Harris.But even so, word has spread that the Sixers are expected to acquire Harden.And it’s harden who wants to team up with Embiid!How did this happen?Philly Pompey got some unsurface ‘tactics’ based on sixers sources.”I don’t care what you do, you have to get James Harden!”According to Philadelphia reporter Mike Pompey, the 76ers almost forced the deal internally.Their solution is to release more information to drive a wedge between the Nets and Harden, and to push for a sign-and-trade.”Harden is close to the 76ers and has accepted playing with Embiid, and the Nets have been in the 76ers’ plans.” While the story is coherent, many NBA reporters are skeptical of this story: There is no one who would be less happy to play with Embiid than Harden.The clash between the two men was almost a five-ball highlight reel.This is when you told me the relationship became very close?Pompey cautioned that they might tell NBA reporters that Harden and Durant aren’t a heart to heart, that Harden and Irving are still in dispute over ball rights, and that Brooklyn fans aren’t happy with the beard playing for them anymore.It will be interesting to see what the Sixers do next, because their info-bombing tactics go beyond that.