Shanxi Province hengqiao town of new Jiangxian ex-servicemen service station dedicated service praised

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Two type service warm heart Personnel commissioner’s office all the veterans service station, cross the bridge in Shanxi Province town heart-to-heart service praise this net (Guo Haihong Yang Junrong) “the courtesy card commissioner’s window, I feel particularly sweet, high efficiency, good service attitude, is the home of veterans, there is a feel at home”.On the morning of March 30, liu Wenyan, a retired soldier, could not help but say after receiving his certificate.New Jiangxian ex-servicemen affairs bureau Party secretary, director Han Dongsheng in-depth hengqiao town line guidance for the conduction of honor cards this year since the start of the work, Shanxi Province new Jiangxian Town ex-servicemen service station set up honor cards special window, the business is strong, high quality staff to enrich the first line.We provide nanny-style and nursemaid services, and apply for advanced certificates for retired soldiers.For veterans handled on site, “nanny-style” services will be provided, including whole-process follow-up, temperature measurement, issuance of masks, information collection, free one-inch photo taking and other services;For action inconvenience, bedridden veterans, the staff use holidays and rest time at night, door-to-door to provide “sister-in-law type” services, identification, signing commitments, take an inch photo, generation check files and other one-to-one services;Remote services are provided to veterans who are unable to go to the site for work or other special reasons. They are guided to provide necessary materials and perform assembly line operations for them through wechat, telephone and video.By the end of March, the town has accepted 907 people applying for advanced certificates, including 45 people applying for them at home and 88 people receiving them remotely. The warm heart service of nanny-style and sister-in-law has enhanced the sense of belonging, pride, honor and gain of the retired soldiers.New Jiang County Hengqiao town ex-servicemen service station staff dedicated service warm soldiers heart jiang County Hengqiao town ex-servicemen service station staff door-to-door for ex-servicemen to deal with outstanding certificates responsibility Editor: Justice star