“Not yet” shen Teng played the old Shen is how many old lai ugly appearance, clearly rich is not also

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2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala Shen Teng in the sketch “Not yet” as the old Shen is a typical Lao Lai, Lao Lai ugly face played to the extreme, clearly very rich is not to return, the reason is to return his family has no money.Believe that many people feel familiar with it, who is not yet a LaoLai around, though thousands of LaoLai personalities, but there are some things in common, one of the most obvious is the old shen, rich in the home, live in big house is capacious and bright, full of calligraphy and painting is hanged on the wall, zhuo on large pieces of jade, is thousands of pieces of clothes, but is not has money.Because their so-called rich family life is to rely on a pile of debt to prop up, really return, lead is poor life, can not pretend, will be laughed at, face can not hang.Therefore, in order to the so-called dignity, just like Old Shen desperately avoid the creditor, the creditor will pretend to be absent.Creditors directly to block the door, can not hide, on the pack, pack no money to pay the water bill, no money to buy bottled water, bottled water, reduced to drink heating water, but also pack a serious illness, not a few days that, and desperately sell miserably, pretend to be poor, poor, no money to go to the hospital, can only take their own medicine back home treatment.That would be a good explanation for why they didn’t pay back the money they owed, because they were terminally ill and the money was spent on the treatment.He even took the opportunity to show his conscience, saying that he really wanted to pay back the money, thinking of owing you so much money, always feel uneasy, eat well, no one can sleep well, but this situation really can not take money and so on.And once the creditor whether he “lives”, a heart for the money, or see through their plots, the two sides open after tearing, LaoLai just like the old shen betray oneself, proudly say that I am owe you money, also have money, but just don’t want to, not afraid to tell you, lili and I divorced, all the property, I clean body leave home,Lee and I are still living together because we’re dating again.He didn’t actually get divorced, and he didn’t give all his money to his wife.In short, it is extremely difficult to pay back the money. They can make up anything and show no bottom line when facing the creditors.Who if booth up them, can be like the far in the sketch so recognize planted, do not want that money.It was even more unrealistic to expect Lao Lai to feel lonely like Shen when he was surrounded by friends. Under the warm teasing of his friends, his heart softened, his conscience was discovered, and suddenly he realized that in order to save their friendship, he decided to pay off all his debts.A lot of laolai is a laolai in the end, in the face of creditors tough simply play lost contact, this world evaporated.And its family side, some will be like the beauty of the sketch in that way to persuade her husband to return the money, have a plenty of follow her husband together lai, together to compile all kinds of lies.As for the creditor, it is not like the lun son and far son in the skit as gentle to urge money, but also in the process of urging debt, some of the attitude is tough, laolai does not give like laolai study, laolai in laolai home do not go, see laolai do not give.Verbal abuse, even physical violence.Although it is wrong to call names and hit others, the old rascals deserve it. Who told them not to return the money? Who told them to borrow money blindly, regardless of their own wealth and wealth?At present, dealing with laolai is still too gentle, creditors can not be violent collection, laolai are called laolai, it is almost impossible to expect them to wake up.The stronger course of action against them is to go to law and enforce it.However, Lao Lai is the essence of the people, early transfer of the name of the property, money, house, car and so on are transferred to the name of the people they trust, the enforcement is not to continue to live well, this role is relatively limited.Restricting them to take planes and high-speed trains also has little effect. Laolai, since they choose to stick to the end, do not care about the inconvenience of travel, and even if they do care about money, they would rather not take planes and high-speed trains, and never pay back the money.In their place, debt piled up wealth is wealth, even if the traitor also want to maintain in the end, people go to the top of everyone envy, if the water to the bottom of the flow, will be the world’s strange eyes seconds killed, to blame only blame secular only see the high people, in the face of the bottom of the struggle not to step on two feet has been good.Secular sometimes indeed unreasonable, full of utilitarian, but this can not become connivance with their decadence, numbness of the reason.The existence of Lao Lai has too much influence, affecting equity and justice at large, and making it more and more difficult for normal private channels to borrow money at small.No matter relatives or friends, they are always wary of anyone asking for a loan. After all, no one’s money comes from the wind, and Lao Lai’s acting skills are very good. When borrowing money, he always acts in a way that makes you believe he will repay it on time.Don’t borrow again afraid of accidental injury, afraid of relatives and friends have nothing to do.So, what to do, either find an excuse to refuse, or casually expressed, when the money to eliminate the disaster.Hopefully, more and more strict control of the elderly lai lai, so that there is no place to hide, from dare to lai lai can not lai lai to lai lai, so that the society is more harmonious.This article from the shallow said original, welcome to pay attention to, dig together with the connotation of entertainment life!