Players Championship signings are out!Yan Bingtao starts the champion mode!The runner-up hopes to make history again

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The 2021-2022 professional snooker championship will be contested on February 7, 2022 Beijing Time.After the German Masters, professional snooker will have another ranking championship.Two more events will be contested before the Players Championship begins.After the champions League and Turkish Masters qualifiers, the Players Championship will start.Like previous tournaments, the Gleason players’ Tournament invited only the pre-season’s top 16 players.Just before the start of the players championship, draw the signing table has been published, the players championship a seed is a Chinese player zhao tong heart, a single season in the first round of the players championship rivals are 16th Barry Hawkins, zhao heart earlier in the season of the kam tong have been eliminated rival, now set out again, China into second round should be no big problem,And the single season ranked ninth Yan Bingtao against the single season ranked eighth Gilbert.Before the two sides also encounter many times, Yan Bingtao won the opponent is also full of confidence.Yan bingtao is the most outstanding Chinese snooker player in the history of the Players Championship, after finishing second in the 2020 Players Championship, which was his best result in this tournament so far.Now the gleason set for the new tournament, Yan and Zhao are also likely to meet in the second round of the tournament.Yan bingtao is also eager to avenge his 9-0 loss to Zhao Xintong last week. Yan bingtao is also eager to challenge for the championship. He is looking forward to making history in the Players Championship for China after winning the Riga Masters in 2019.Yan bingtao, who lost in two consecutive ranking finals, is looking to challenge for the second ranking title of his career.Elsewhere, in the gleason’s first-half match, China’s quest for a spot in the new tournament looks likely to be pipped by a pair of legendary rivals such as Mark Allen and Luke Walton.Mark Williams also faces Gary Wilson in the first round, while Donald Trump and O ‘Sullivan continue their battle in the bottom half.The race for the bottom half is also bound to be more complicated, with Karen Wilson facing Neil Robertson in the first round.In addition, Trump and O ‘Sullivan will play directly in the first round.John Higgins will take on Iran’s Wafi Ayuri.In addition, Luka Brecel will face Jimmy Robertson in the first round, and the Chinese players in the top half are still very likely to clinch a precious place in the final for Chinese snooker!It is likely to be the third ranking champion of the Chinese season!