New energy track continues to speed up the core of Shanghai

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Looking back at the new energy vehicle industry in 2021, Yu Qianwei, a trainee reporter of Tianmu News, sees that there are a large number of traditional car companies that are old and new, as well as new forces that are making progress steadily.It has to be said that when it comes to top-level design planning, the development achievements of Shanghai’s new energy vehicle industry are obvious to all.After the closing of the sixth session of the 15th Shanghai People’s Congress, the Municipal government said at a press conference held at the Expo Center that New energy vehicles in Shanghai have entered a new stage of rapid development, with output value exceeding 160 billion yuan last year, a year-on-year increase of 200%;Production reached 550,000 units, up 70% year on year.More than 670,000 new energy vehicles have been used in the city, including more than 250,000 last year, accounting for 43% of new car sales.Shanghai is also the city with the largest number of new energy vehicles in China. By 2025, the city aims to produce more than 1.2 million new energy vehicles, with an output value exceeding 350 billion yuan, and build a charging network to meet the charging needs of more than 1.25 million electric vehicles.Shanghai is an important city in China’s auto industry with complete infrastructure. Volkswagen and GENERAL Motors have both set up their China headquarters in Shanghai and established joint venture brands with SAIC.In the era of new energy vehicles, starting from the production and operation of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory, various car brands have also chosen Shanghai to start the charge of “smart” car manufacturing.In the 10-minute video, about 18 completed Model YS are seen being transported from Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai, which takes an average of 34 seconds to build a Model Y.On the production line, high-density industrial robots move back and forth, where tens of thousands of parts are assembled and welded in an orderly manner, and eventually become a new energy vehicle with both technology and beauty.In order to improve the pass rate of body size, highly reliable industrial network is also applied to optimize the manufacturing process efficiency through online measurement, automatic assembly system and virtual debugging technology.The production scene at Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory is a microcosm of the “new, four modernizations” (electrification, connectivity, intelligence and sharing) of the auto industry.To this end, the Shanghai municipal government has made a macro layout of the industry in this respect, and also released a lot of policy dividends for enterprises.In recent years, On the basis of supporting the transformation of traditional automobile enterprises such as SAIC, Shanghai has led the international new energy automobile giant Tesla to drive the development of the whole industrial chain on the left, while nio, Ideal Automobile, Ma Zhihang and other new automobile manufacturing forces to cultivate local high-end new energy automobile brands on the right.In order to further accelerate the layout of the new energy vehicle industry chain, In 2021, The General Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government issued the Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Development of New Energy Vehicle Industry in Shanghai (2021-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Plan”).According to the implementation plan, from the layout of the automobile industry cluster, located in Jiading District of Anting area focus on new energy vehicle core technology research and development, the industrialization of key components, demonstration application breakthroughs;Lingang New Area will accelerate the layout of the whole industrial chain, continue to expand the production capacity of high-end new energy vehicles, and promote the export of finished vehicles.Jinqiao and Zhangjiang give full play to their advantages in the integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, software and communication equipment industries, and speed up their layout in the fields of visual identification, automotive operating system and vehicle chip.In the implementation plan, flexible application support local brands listed as one of the important work of the core technology, among them, “support the development of the saic, new energy vehicles, to 2025, the independent brand passenger car of new energy vehicles sales accounted for more than 30%, group new energy automobile sales accounted for more than 20%, realize the core technology of autonomous control, comprehensive strength of domestic lead.”At the 2021 China (Tianjin) International Automobile Exhibition, an ER6 automobile exhibited by SAIC motor Will solve the “bottleneck” technical problems and speed up technological breakthroughs in core components.The key for Shanghai’s new energy vehicle industry to take advantage of the trend and continue to drive is closely related to the “terminal drive”.On the track of new energy vehicles, the “Shanghai acceleration” is inseparable from Shanghai’s determination to break through the “bottleneck” of technology.Press conference, when asked about the development of new energy vehicles, the mayor of Shanghai Gong Zheng stressed that a lot of new energy vehicles are intelligent made cars, since the second half of last year, intelligent made cars “iron core” problem is more serious, so Shanghai is also increasing level gauge chip layout car production, solve the problem of car “iron core” as soon as possible.In the next step, we will continue to coordinate the promotion of technology research and development standards, formulate and promote the application of data security and infrastructure construction, and accelerate the cultivation and development of new advantages in the new energy vehicle race track.”We will accelerate the development of new drivers, and strengthen the layout and terminal driving of new tracks.”During the two sessions in Shanghai this year, “terminal drive” was written into the government work report.How to display the layout of the terminal drive effect, is also the focus of this year’s representatives.”Hundreds of chips, large and small, are used in an intelligent connected car.The lack of core is a bottleneck for new terminals.Shanghai municipal people’s Congress, Jiading district party secretary Lu Ark bluntly, want to have abundant “source of living water”, need to be in the chip design, research and development, production, supply and other aspects pay attention to layout.During the two sessions in 2022, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee of Jiusan Society submitted a proposal on how to achieve “the annual output of new energy vehicles will exceed 1.2 million in 2025, and the industrial scale will exceed 350 billion yuan.”The proposal points out that, on the one hand, to speed up the technological breakthrough of new energy key components, on the other hand, to increase the collaborative efforts of new energy vehicle core technology, to carry out vehicle operating system, vehicle level chip, intelligent computing and other technology joint efforts.The 4th CiIE Technology And Equipment Exhibition Area on November 5, 2021 brings together exhibitors from the field of intelligent manufacturing technology and high-end equipment.At the same time, Shanghai should look at the whole industrial chain, promote the coordinated management of the industrial chain and supply chain, use the industrial Internet to upgrade the modernization level of the industrial chain and supply chain of new energy vehicles, and create a supply chain with data interconnection, trusted information interaction, in-depth coordination of production and flexible allocation of resources.As an intelligent manufacturing base, how will Shanghai turn the new energy vehicle market “rubik’s cube”?Let’s wait and see.”Please do not reprint without permission”