It is the “flower model”, easy to raise easy to live, more flowering, garden balcony can be planted

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Compared with cities, there is an obvious feature in rural areas, that is, houses in rural areas all have courtyards, and some even have quadrangles, which is a deep memory for us in rural areas.Rural people often develop gardens in their courtyards, where they grow vegetables and fruits so that they don’t have to buy vegetables.Compared with cities, there is no convenient and fast transportation, even the infrastructure construction is less developed than cities.Like city people casually walk two steps to the shopping mall, to the hospital only need more than 20 minutes.Conversely, some people in remote villages are less time – and labor-saving.So many people grow vegetables and fruits at home, just in case they have to travel too far to buy them.This is also a very good way, but in fact, you can also decorate the courtyard wall design, beside the bougainvillea.Bougainvillea elegant demeanour undoubted high, after all it is Zambia’s national flower, no doubt not easy very bad.Nowadays, with the rapid development of our country’s economy, the sense of rhythm is faster than in the past, and people are very tired in their work.If there is grass waiting after work, we can enjoy the flowers and smell the flowers, so that they can be excited to reduce the mood.There is a point of view of Traditional Chinese medicine called seven emotions can come on, that is, any one of your bad mentality will cause you a visceral organ damage, so we must make our mood happy.Happy mood needs to find some relief, such as planting bougainvillea can improve a variety of negative emotions in our hearts.When you see the bougainvillea in full swing, you will be filled with social positive energy, so that you have a better state of mind.Gradually, your requirements for daily life have changed, and you have become a person who pursues perfection, higher level and fun, which is also very positive for the society.Like the Brazilian bougainvillea, it has a fierce rise, is not afraid of challenges, always full of momentum, so we are hopeful about it.On the other hand, if we see a dull, lifeless flower, our hearts will follow suit.A flower like that, you want it to generate social positive energy for you, it is certainly unlikely.But Brazilian bougainvillea is different, it is gorgeous flowers, let everyone see after shock.Flowers are originally capable of touching people, giving them anger and charm.Brazilian bougainvillea will this point more inherit and carry forward, reflect such a kind of effect fully and delightfully wet.Bougainvillea has no restrictions on where to grow it. It can be planted in a yard or in a park.The Bougainvillea blooms in the spring and produces flowers every spring.Many people want to be free to appreciate the Brazilian triangle, which is accustomed to the matter, the Brazilian bougainvillea is this temptation, it is in everyone’s heart is a beautiful flower.But if we just look at the surface of the bougainvillea a little superficial, bougainvillea also has a lot of bright spots, not enumerated types, so even if you know the bougainvillea is a leaf flower, but it will not feel cold.In other words, very beautiful leaves make spring even more beautiful.So how do you grow a beautiful flower like that?Sun exposure is the first thing to watch for, followed by moisture.Water decides when and how well the bougainvillea will bloom.If we don’t get these things right, then the bougainvillea stem will become blind, meaning it has longer branches and no flowers.This makes us very cold, because people grow flowers in order to better appreciate the flower outing.Therefore, we need to learn about the bougainvillea’s habits before planting, so that the bougainvillea flowers can bloom more beautiful.Winter plants lose their flowers in the winter because of the necessity of passing through the winter, so nutrients are given to the roots.If you want the Brazilian bougainvillea below the circumstance of winter to be in full bloom as before, then everybody needs to build greenhouse for it, as a result of long-term ultra low temperature can affect the growth of Brazilian bougainvillea directly, because this makes greenhouse.Although it can get cold inside the greenhouse at night, at least the bougainvillea can be cold for a short time and quickly, so that it is not easy to cause great damage to it.If you want to grow bougainvillea well, you have to watch out for common problems in many fields.When blooming comes, the bougainvillea will give you a pleasant surprise.Now is the perfect time to plant bougainvillea. If you like it, be bold and try it. It has a high survival rate.When the birth of children such as Sun Zhongmou, when planting flowers bougainvillea, you plant it, it will not take long to see a plant like the sea of flowers as beautiful landscape.Brazilian bougainvillea bloom is very prosperous, very touching people, partners to your home will praise you taste high, then you will still smile, full of talk!Friends who want to plant can click the link of commodity card below to buy!Our shop during the event price concessions!This shop true bag version!Package mail package alive!6 old seedling!Full color!Buy 3 get 1 free