Flowers without ai, sharing health

2022-07-19 0 By

Zhuzhou news on March 15 – (correspondent He Yanhong reporter Zhang Shihui) recently, in order to strengthen youth on HIV/AIDS prevention knowledge and scientific understanding of the self protection, stone mountain district center for disease control and prevention in hunan in all health management co., LTD., multimedia classroom and every class in zhuzhou sixth middle school classroom is organizing the “youth without ai,Sharing health “AIDS prevention knowledge and mental health education lecture.During the lecture, the teacher used easy to understand language to attract students to listen carefully and attentively.At the same time, the disease control expert Mr. Chen also held a knowledge contest with prizes, to further understand the students’ grasp of the situation and stimulate the students’ enthusiasm in answering.”I hope this activity will improve students’ awareness of AIDS prevention and control, master the way of transmission, change unsafe behavior, cultivate students’ sense of social security from an early age, educate and guide them to develop behaviors that promote health, assist teachers to establish scientific education concepts, and fundamentally curb the epidemic and spread of AIDS.”The director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Shifeng district introduced the purpose of this activity.