Australia: Chinese 052D warship laser shines on Australian anti-submarine aircraft, how strong is the laser weapon on 052D?

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Recently, Australia started to make trouble again. When the Chinese naval fleet consisting of 174 Hefei and 999 Jinggangshan Amphibious Dock landing craft sailed through the Torres Strait and entered the Coral Sea on February 18, the Australian Defense Ministry said in a statement:The Australian navy’s P-8A anti-submarine aircraft was subjected to laser light from the hefei warship, it said, adding that such action posed a serious threat to the lives of Australian defence personnel.”If you don’t track and hover around the Chinese warship for a long time, will the Chinese warship illuminate you?This is also the ancestors handed down the “come and not go to evil also” ah, you are their own money to run so far, long time from all angles to take photos for me, so I use laser to say hello to you very normal ah!As a matter of fact, It is not the first time for Chinese warships to use laser equipment to scare off P-8 anti-submarine aircraft. As early as February 17, 2020, the COMMANDER of the US Pacific Fleet complained that his P-8 anti-submarine aircraft was exposed to laser light from the Chinese navy when it was flying 620 kilometers above The international waters of Guam.It also falsely claimed that the laser fired by the Chinese warship was weapons-grade enough to inflict severe damage on the aircraft and its crew.But our defense in investigating the ins and outs of the whole thing and found that U.S. Pacific fleet commander complained that the fundamental and the facts, at first, is our country during the ships sailing on the high seas, the U.S. Pacific fleet of P – 8 antisubmarine warfare aircraft deliberately close to the Chinese fleet, and repeatedly low orbit to make all kinds of interference and provocation, and sustained for a long time, so for the sake of the safety in our country,It was forced to use laser equipment to drive it.And the laser equipment used for driving is not the laser rangefinder of the 1130 close-in defense system on the type 052D missile destroyer, but a kind of laser soft kill interceptor newly developed by China, which has been reported in the military column of CCTV 7.The vessel Hohhot was the first to be installed in 2020 to illuminate THE U.S. P-8 anti-submarine aircraft.Why do we equip our main warships with laser equipment?The main reason is that, along with China’s navy heading to the distant seas, some countries have started to make trouble, deliberately blocking the growth of the Chinese navy, and have sent warships or planes to interfere.So for Our country, in the face of this continuous “shameful behavior”, our country forbearance not to continue to move forward is obviously unrealistic.But some countries anti-submarine aircraft or uav long time around the low altitude, constantly from all angles to shoot and interfere with the normal flight of China’s warships.If a missile were to shoot it down, there would be war;If we blindly give in, others will surely push our luck and harm our national defense interests.If we turn on the fire control radar but do not fire missiles, it is just a warning, some countries will be the first to complain, saying that such acts of Our naval vessels have damaged world peace.Therefore, China’s warship equipped with this kind of laser equipment can play the role of interference drive away, can well complete the drive, and will not cause direct conflict, can be said to kill two birds with one stone.Finally, why does the US go out of its way to make a fuss every time China’s laser equipment reaches weapons-grade?I think the core reason is that the development of weapons grade laser weapon time although much earlier than our country, but as the decades passed, the United States on the development of laser weapons are a set of early, catch a late, makes the United States armed forces while early laser weapon tested different platforms, but can’t equipment service.As early as 2007, China successfully broke through the large-size KBBF solid laser crystal production technology, which is the core of laser weapons, and formally entered the weapon level threshold of laser equipment.In 2013, the cutting-edge equipment of China’s deep UV solid-state laser source series was accepted, making China the only country in the world that can manufacture practical deep UV solid-state lasers, marking that China is in the world’s leading level in the field of all-solid-state lasers.In 2015, a new beryllium-free deep ultraviolet nonlinear optical crystal material RABF crystal was synthesized in China. RABF crystal not only inherits the excellent optical properties of KBBF crystal, but also is safe and non-toxic, and overcomes the weakness of KBBF’s poor laminate growth habit, which can be regarded as the best material for the next generation of nonlinear optical crystal.And the US belongs to sour grapes, their own laser weapons development has been problems, can not board the ship, so they began to constantly rumors.