No one has done it yet!Yuzuru Hanyu just failed the 4A is what?

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The men’s singles free skating competition of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games took place at the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, Capital of China, February 10, 2008.Yuzuru Hanyu, the champion of the past two Winter Olympics, will likely challenge figure skating’s most difficult 4A routine, which will be one of the biggest suspense of the games.Yuzuru Hanyu’s song for today is “Heaven and Earth Together.”At the beginning of the competition, Yuzuru Hanyu challenged for 4A, and finally failed, but the competition was still finished with high quality, and the final score was 188.06, temporarily ranking the first place.In today’s competition, the feather raw string though failed to complete 4 a, but for has established he still dared to challenge the none has completed the action of the spirit is worthy of praise, this is not only belongs to the challenge of feather born alone, but a belongs to all skating athletes, to the challenges of mankind.According to yangtse Evening News, 4A is probably the word most frequently mentioned in the capital stadium these days.Recently in the training, Hanyu decisively tried 4A, the first time on both feet landing, the second time fell.You know it’s the hardest move, but you keep practicing.How scary is 4A as a move that no one has ever succeeded in official competition?And why is Hanyu so determined to pull it off?It is understood that 4A is also called axel quadruple jump.Axel quadruple jump is one of the six jumps in figure skating, also known as the front point ice jump, first performed by Norwegian Axel Paulsen in 1882, is the most difficult of the six jumps in men’s singles.The reason 4A is so hard is because, although it counts as a quadruple jump, it takes half a circle, and it actually takes four and a half.Compared with 3A, the highest point of 4A is 17cm higher and the distance of freezing point is 1.1m further. In order to achieve these success conditions, the speed of assist sliding needs to be increased by 10%. Moreover, jump A is the only forward jump, and the center of gravity is on the outer edge of the skate blade when preparing to enter the turn.That makes this jump the most difficult in the world.According to Qianjiang Evening News, to complete the maneuver, the skater must rotate at a speed of six and a half times per second in the air, which is equivalent to the wheel speed of a 50km/h car. In other words, the skater must complete a rotation of 1,620 degrees in 0.7 seconds.When the skater falls off the ice, the impact is five times his body weight. If the skater weighs 57 kg, the impact is 285 kg.Yuzuru Hanyu once said in an interview, “It’s like a long jumper, who jumps about six meters on one side and makes a body turn.”Yuzuru Hanyu has set his sights on 4A after defending his title at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.He has been working on it for nearly three years.In order to jump 4A, Hanyu has been injured this season.At that time, he injured his right foot in a free skate training to finish 4A.But even so, Hanyu is still determined to finish 4A in the 10th competition.”I have had this idea for three years, especially in the past two years, during a lot of training and practice,” he said.If people say I’m the only one who can do it, I guess that’s my mission.”National Business News comprehensive from Yangtze Evening News, Qianjiang Evening News, open source: National Business News original title: temporary first!So far no one has completed 4A, Yuzuru Hanyu just challenged