Nanjing female university student murder case: the mastermind hong pleaded not guilty to his crime, two suspects confessed in court

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On January 28, 2022, the murder case of Nanjing female college student Li Mou was held at the Intermediate People’s Court in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province.Li mou’s father revealed that the court will be sentenced, the suspect Hong in court recanted and refused to admit the crime, the other two suspects Zhang Mou light and Cao Mou Qing in court confessed.Of the three, only Li’s boyfriend, Hong, who was at the center of the whole affair, denied his guilt, which is ironic enough.On the day before the court, Liu’s father said also saw Hong mou, he was still laughing at himself, he felt he was insulted to the ground.He also said that so far, he is not waiting for victory.Why is Hong so arrogant?If he doesn’t admit it, there’s no guilt?You know, the other two suspects who have already confessed to their crimes, these two are his best friends, they were ordered by him.They had agreed in Nanjing to cheat Li into killing her in the mountains of Menghai County in Yunnan Province.Let the two suspects go over there and wait for Lee.Hong directly chose to shut down, Li Mou can not find him, and then ask around.Just two suspects in Yunnan contacted Li Mou, let her come to Menghai County in Yunnan, here to find.Because they all know, so, Li mou did not think they would harm themselves, she alone a person to take the plane.After that, she went to die.In the end, she was killed by the two men, who then recorded the entire video of the killing for Hong.The video was later destroyed by Hong.As for the reason for killing Lee, it turned out that Hong thought Lee was getting too close to a man in a small shop. At that time, Hong and Lee had only known each other for a month.In fact, Hong suspected that the man in the store, and Li Mou did not have any relationship, Li Mou is there to buy things in them, and then, chatted a few words.That is, Hong mou began to murder Lee Mou, the motive of this murder is a little reluctant.But, according to previous reports, that’s the general reason.Li some month from the understanding of this Hong mou began, only only a short period of time of seven or eight months, why did she encounter accident?What happened in between?Why don’t we go through the timeline?Li Mou Yue was born in 1998, the only child in the family, only 21 years old when she was killed.She was admitted to a university in Nanjing, so she went to the university in Nanjing.In the eyes of her parents, she is always a good girl and gets along well with them.All through college, she never worried her parents.So her parents had no idea that their daughter would die while she was in college!Her parents knew she had a boyfriend, and she brought him home with her.They met in November 2019, to be exact.At the time, they were both riding the subway, in the subway.If nothing goes wrong, even such an encounter might seem romantic.For some reason, they looked at each other, and then they left their contact information.Li mou yue grow or very beautiful, the stature also belongs to tall carry type.After hong added her contact information, she began to boast that she was a rich second generation and did the most confidential work, which she could not even tell her parents.He gave Li mou’s feeling is that this person is very good, there is a sense of mystery, li Mou still has great lethality big.Two days later, the two of them started dating. They ate hot pot and watched a movie together. This date made them recognize each other more.Love came so quietly.However, for Li Mou, this man is a full liar, he not only did not have a decent job, but also extremely cruel, narrow-minded.At least that’s what his classmates said about him.2. They officially dated in early November 2019, which means they knew each other for less than a week. How can we say this?Let’s just say this love thing just caught me off guard.And so they recognized each other, and they shared with each other the most intimate things about themselves.They started renting apartments in the community and living together, then enjoying adult happiness.During this period, Lee also brought this Hong home, which shows that this relationship for her, she is serious, is rushing to marry Hong.When she brought Hong, who is three years older than her, to meet her parents, they wondered what kind of work he did.Now the daughter is in college, this person has been in the community to make a living, as parents or very want to figure out his specific work.However, his daughter Li mou told them that his parents do not know what he does, the kind of state secret department, not to say.So, don’t ask him either.So Lee s parents did not continue to inquire.Normally, this meeting, Hong to Lee’s parents should be a good impression, otherwise, will not let his daughter continue to associate with him.However, in addition to Hong mou, no one knows that Hong Mou has begun to murder Li Mou, that is, in a month after they met, Hong Mou began to have an opinion on Li Mou, is because of the man in the small shop.But the exact date of the murder wasn’t actually carried out until seven months later, in July 2020.Love is not only sweet, but also quarrelsome.Li and her boyfriend often quarrel with each other, but soon they can make up, and usually Li gives in to Hong.It was lee who voluntarily gave in when she went to die.On July 9, 2020, Li started to go to Yunnan by plane from his rented place.She went to Yunnan because she couldn’t get in touch with her boyfriend hong.Hong’s two friends, who happened to be in Yunnan, contacted her and asked her to come to Menghai County, where they were waiting for her.In fact, Hong deliberately argued with Lee these days and turned off his cell phone so that she could not contact him.So he could lure her to Yunnan, where he murdered her in the middle of nowhere.They thought that no one would find out if they killed Lee, and they chose the border.Also don’t know they three at that time is how think, say dry dry.In fact, Li transferred from Nanjing to Kunming one day, and then arrived in Menghai County, where they lived. It was almost dark when they arrived at their destination.As she approached, the two men killed her.Her despair was conceivable, but at that time no one could have saved her in that place.She had only herself to blame for the bad company she had met, for trusting these scum.You only live once, someone else dug a trap, she jumped.So, she died.However, the man disappeared in the eyes of strangers, Hong and his friends. For Lee s parents, their daughter will never disappear.They have to keep in touch every few days, and when they don’t, they’ll know something’s wrong.Lee was killed on July 9.Three days later, On July 12, Hong called Liu’s father, who volunteered that Li was missing.Because Li Mou is rented with him live together, if Li mou’s father found his daughter is missing, will certainly ask him questions.After getting the news, Li’s parents rushed to Nanjing, hong also pretended to be a good person, leading them to look for Li, as if they really did not know that Li was killed.In the process of leading Her parents to look for her, he comforted her father by saying that she had left with money and that it was highly likely that she had gone on a trip.Keep them quiet for now.He also said he was able to locate Lee’s mobile phone and that she was fine.However, the reality is that there is no news about Li Mou, her parents are of course very worried.On July 13, Hong led Li’s parents around again, but still found nothing.After two days of searching, Li’s father began to have an Epiphany.Well, that’s not an option. Why don’t you check the neighborhood surveillance?On July 14, Li mou’s parents came to their rental community, the daughter missing can not contact the news told the property, they hurriedly to transfer monitoring.According to the surveillance, Li left on July 9 and never returned.Lee, who was seen in the elevator, did not carry a large bag, which did not seem to be traveling.If there’s no travel and you can’t reach your daughter, there’s something wrong with her.Accompanied by Hong, they also called the police, seeing hong so active, they did not have any suspicion of Hong.However, Lee’s father found a problem.5 this Hong mou is a problem, at least he said a lot of lies, he has been emphasizing that Li Mou did not have a problem, but, and can not contact Li Mou, still procrastinate.His explanation was that Li might be a drug dealer, so he hid temporarily for fear of being arrested by the police. That is, he hid at the border, so there was no signal and he could not be contacted.Hong said that there is a nose and eyes!This lie is very easy to detect, their own daughter like, parents do not know?How could she have anything to do with drugs?Parents have weekly video chats with their daughter. That’s a ridiculous lie.Li’s father no longer trusted Hong, especially when he found out that Hong had also been to Xishuangbanna, as his daughter had also been there.This is very suspicious, why did the daughter not come back?When Lee s father asked Hong about going to Xishuangbanna, Hong lost his temper and denied that he had been there.Is this incident, Lee’s father began to suspect Hong, said his suspicion is very big, lies!Of course, during this period, about li Mou’s disappearance, the police uncle is also in the investigation.On August 4, Li’s father was informed that his daughter had been killed, in a mountain forest in Menghai County, Yunnan Province.Hong and his two friends are the most suspected.A month later, Hong and two of his friends were arrested.Hong mou 24 years old, Zhang mou 21 years old, Cao mou 20 years old.Three people than a brain, no one normal, dare to kill, but also really kill, that a girl, so they were ruthlessly killed.This guy calls himself a secret service guy.On January 28, 2022, the case was opened in Xishuangbanna Intermediate People’s Court.Lee s father said, After waiting for more than a year, I can feel relieved if I get a good result. If not, I will work hard for it.His good result is to let the murderer Hong pay for his life.Now hong mou’s two friends have confessed, Hong mou still refused to confess, however, the murder is a fact, does not mean that he did not plead guilty on behalf of the crime.Of course, the final view of the court’s trial, murder for life, but also this nature is extremely bad, as the mastermind of this murder, if there is a person sentenced to death, should also be this Hong mou.Lee’s father also revealed that Hong’s father had been trying to contact him to offer him compensation.However, he is not the lack of money, he wants is to kill for life, want justice, he does not answer the phone, do not contact hong some people, is to let the people who killed also go to death.In the end, I hope lee’s father can wait for good news, even though there is no good news about his daughter’s death.