Hopsheng Me Yue uses 120 square meters luxury luxury four apartments to create an ideal new scene for a better lifestyle

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Living in Beijing, the most important thing is to enjoy quietness while indulging in luxury, in the urban ecological circle, surrounded by parks and convenient transportation in the bustling city.Stand in the downtown, but do not provoke flashy hustle and bustle, big faint in the city to truly enjoy the atmosphere of life.Hexheng Me Yue, from six dimensions to create a unique south axis living style, excavate the ideal pursuit buried deep in the heart of modern people, explore the bottom of the urban cutting-edge appeal, urban whistle and natural smart bird song, integrate a unique mood trend.Dimension a:Position is the sense of identity of important label is located in the southeast west hopson me yue, not only has powerful support plate value by the open area, at the same time there are about ten thousand mu of royal gardens, polymerization surrounding commercial, transportation, education, ecological and other multiple resources benchmarking, this unique location, urban new living unparalleled achievements, is the trend of new generation living in Beijing.Dimension 2: Traffic determines the higher standard of living in Beijing’s urban base and determines the importance of traffic value.Hesheng Me Yue is only 200 meters away from Demao Subway station of Line 8, and it takes about half an hour to reach Tiananmen, Wangfujing, Xidan, Nanluoguxiang and other core areas. The fast transportation track determines the fast life trend, and also determines the lifestyle of young people living here in the forefront of the city.There are Aegean Shopping Plaza, Yizhuang Sam’s Club, Yizhuang Creative Life Square, Ethnic Square, Libao Square and many other commercial complexes around, as well as 548,000 square meters of Old Palace business circle, living in me Yue is to enjoy the prosperity and trend.Dimension 3: Break the boundary of life. If you want to reject the monotonous and impetuous life from a park, you need a space and environment that can truly relax your body and mind.When ten thousand mu of royal gardens like bright stars are located in the door, what fatigue can not be reduced, He Sheng Me Yue adjacent to about 11 million square meters of Nanhaizi Park, there are 14 parks surrounding, natural fresh oxygen life close at hand.Hopson ME Yue 5# Yangjing Building King, but also occupy the community C, nanhaizi excellent landscape.Four dimensions:120 ㎡ epicenter king mansion, is the true enlightenment of attitude of life living style of the real highlights, must be to enter a to feel, the me yue fastidious Cenozoic living demand, will be classic clovers pattern for planning of 120 ㎡, more than a person of different work and rest time each other, old man used to getting up early, need to stay up late working, and children need to go to bed early,Many bedrooms are separated severally, safeguard the illicit close sex of the life.120 ㎡ luxury broadly four ranks as hopson me yue high set of set limit to family, is a real aesthetic and pursuit of talent will favor products, from high-end him is a person of extraordinary powers curtilage gene, from floor tile, wall paper to notting have is not to a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the standard selection of lamps and lanterns, a line of bath and kitchen hardcover brand, exquisite detail, the elegant realize the ideal of the “big”,Let the family life as clean and comfortable as the hotel, do not have to worry about the quality of life, the style of no compromise makes me yue worthy of the south axis living benchmark.Me yue both in scale and detail, are different from ordinary 120 ㎡ products on the market, first of all, from the interior layout, overall using classical LDK integration activities line, let a space pattern looks more rich founder, not only hold three generations, also can get together with friends at home, as a whole on the basis of the north-south all-transparent,Kitchen, dining room, living room, balcony transparent clever, more free life follow;Moreover, it is about 10 meters wide to the south, with a large width facing the south Terrace, which can overlook the green ecology of nanhaizi Park. The owner has the master bedroom suite alone, and the double bedroom and one guest are equipped with a large bay window for storage, which makes the living space cleaner and brings a simple life experience.Hesheng Me Yue 120 square meters rich four house brings, is more delicate, more individual life experience, when you choose your favorite furniture, carefully decorate the whole home, life is no longer just go home to sleep, life is like a melodious blues.Your house is both a private place to live and a fun place to socialize.And one of the 5# central view floor king, is 120 square meters inside and outside to the best high set alcohol to enjoy the version, without occlusion panoramic lighting, axis C view view, enjoy the best nanhaizi view, your limited.For young people of the new generation, “appearance level is justice” is not the only criterion for judging. If you want to truly live in reality, gardens with interactive features and a sense of scene are obviously more suitable for living.Hopson ME Joy creatively creates the first new generation of social garden in China, and has planned five scene nodes of “ME social”, “ME adorable children”, “ME Sports”, “ME adorable Pets” and “ME quiet enjoyment” to make life full of interaction.Dimension 6: Yue CLUB, Poetry and Aesthetics in paradox What is the world’s biggest paradox, it must be me Yue’s “lifestyle pre-operation” plan, because it can immediately realize the future life scene for you.Whether it is a variety of high-end private banquet, fashion activities, health care, children’s park, creative market, reading sharing, etc., we will crumb our life into time with the customized service standard of unlimited property.Stay in me Yue, enjoy the yue CLUB of about 1000 square meters and exclusive services, presenting every aspect of the future life for you.Fashion is a flash in the pan, style is sought after.Me Yue unique high quality of life, but also need to understand people to appreciate.