Harbin Vocational and Technical College held the collective signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation in 2022

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On January 20, snow and ice construction enterprise heilongjiang vocational technical college and Harbin nine atlas construction engineering co., LTD and machinery manufacturing enterprise shimada dapeng industrial co., LTD., Harbin Harbin zhuoyuan machinery co., LTD., heilongjiang torsten frings industrial technology co., LTD. Held university-enterprise cooperation collective contract signing ceremony.Liu Shen, Secretary of the Party Committee and president, Wang Haishan, Deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Li Jun, Sun Baiming, president of the Labor Union, Xia Qingshan, leaders of cooperative enterprises and heads of relevant departments of the college attended the meeting.The signing ceremony was presided over by Vice president Zhao Yongsheng.At the signing ceremony, Liu Shen signed the school-enterprise cooperation framework agreement with Liu Peng, general manager of Heilongjiang Jiuhuan Construction Engineering Co., LTD.Signed school-enterprise cooperation framework agreement and technical service contract with Wang Feishan, vice General manager of Harbin Shimada Dapeng Industrial Co., LTD., Zha Qingwu, General manager of Harbin Zhuoyuan Machinery Processing Co., LTD., and Li Zhuang, Chairman of Heilongjiang Frings Industrial Technology Co., LTD.Bring Liu Shen sign university-enterprise cooperation framework agreement with liu peng bring Liu Shen and Wang Feishan university-enterprise cooperation framework agreement and technical service contracts bring Liu Shen and check their arms university-enterprise cooperation framework agreement and technical service contracts bring Liu Shen and li university-enterprise cooperation framework agreement and technical service contracts liu peng, said the fusion, between production and education cooperation is the inner demand of enterprise development under the new situation,It is also an effective way for the college to better serve the local industry.The two sides will prepare for the establishment of Harbin Ice and Snow Industry College, gradually attract the ice and snow construction industry and enterprises to participate in the cooperation, research and develop standards for ice and snow products, improve the scientific and technological level of ice and snow products, train high-end technical and skilled personnel for the ice and snow industry needed for regional industrial development, and jointly improve the R&D achievements in the field of ice and snow science and technology.Li Zhuang said in his speech that the company will rely on the advantages of talent technology and equipment of the college, further vigorously promote school-enterprise cooperation, integration of industry and education, carry out applied technology research and development, promote and promote the transformation of scientific research achievements, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, enhance their own service industry capacity, and make greater contributions to the development of Longjiang Industry.Liu Shen said that the signing ceremony is a concrete embodiment of the spirit of the National Vocational Education Conference, an innovative measure of the college to implement the educational philosophy of “integration of industry and education, diversity and sharing, and combination innovation” and to build a high-level vocational school with Chinese characteristics. It is the first event and happy event of the college in 2022.He hoped that the two sides should strengthen the sense of cooperation, gradually establish the operation mechanism of production, education, research and use, give full play to their respective advantages, make the cooperation between the school and enterprise deeper, more detailed, more solid, and jointly help the industrial upgrading of our city;We should build collaborative innovation service platforms, in-depth integration platforms and application technology service platforms based on the needs of universities and enterprises, and promote the organic integration of talent chain, professional chain, industrial chain and innovation chain to jointly serve economic and social development.The connotation construction should be strengthened. The school-enterprise cooperation should focus on the new development trend of ice and snow industry and intelligent manufacturing industry, keep up with the forefront, formulate work plans scientifically, publicize the effects of industry-education integration and talent training through multiple channels, and create a good school-enterprise cooperation education environment and public opinion atmosphere.The signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation will enhance the ability of vocational colleges to serve regional economic and social development and promote the ice and snow industry and intelligent manufacturing to play a positive role in enabling the high-quality development of Harbin and the all-round revitalization of the old industrial base.The two sides will make new and greater contributions to the economic and social development of Harbin by virtue of the advantages of educational resources and enterprise technology of the college.Source: Harbin Vocational and Technical College