The beginning of spring, spring to the human grass and trees

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Start of Spring, the first solar term of the 24 solar terms, marks the beginning of a new cycle of the four seasons.Spring, originally a verb, is interpreted in Shuo Wen Jie Zi as “push also”.From the grass from the sun, the grass in spring also “, which means that the grass feels the call of the sun, and moves at the right time, pushing away the earth and growing out.”The Book of History · Great Biography” said: “Spring, also, the birth of all things.Why is it called “Start of Spring”?This comes from the dialectical thinking of the Chinese people.During the Winter Solstice, Yin reaches the extreme, but Yang also grows.In minor and major cold, wild geese, pheasants, magpies and peregrine falcons feel the breath of spring and begin to prepare for the reproduction of new life.When it comes to the start of Spring solar term, spring no longer lurks underground, but stands up firmly like a man.The original meaning of standing is man standing on the earth.”Month seventy-two hou set solution” said, “li, the beginning also.””Jianshi”, different from the general “beginning”, has the meaning of standing up and letting people see.The beginning of Spring was an important festival in ancient times, which is called “Spring Festival”.At the beginning of a called “Yuan Ri” “New Year’s Day”.Wang Anshi “Yuan Ri” : “Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the toso.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character “, write is New Year’s Day.After the introduction of the Gregorian calendar in modern times, the word “New Year’s Day” was sent to The Gregorian calendar on January 1, and then the word “Spring Festival” was sent to the lunar New Year’s day.Therefore, “Start of Spring” only solar term this identity.The beginning of the New Year, vientiane renewal, including the new zodiac, are from the beginning of Spring.This year, the start of Spring falls at 4:50 minutes and 36 seconds on Feb. 4. Strictly speaking, babies born after that date are tigers.The beginning of Spring is always around the Chinese New Year.Zhang Ishiqi “The beginning of Spring Is ocheng” : “Less frost is born in the late of the period, but the vegetation on earth is known as spring.It was written about the beginning of spring at the end of the year, so it was called “Law Hui Sui Late”.This year is the beginning of spring.In a lunar year, the beginning of spring at the end of each year is called “double spring”, and the end of each year is called “no spring year”.Of course, the most or this year such a single spring year.Spring, on behalf of life splashed.Germinating, driving is the core connotation of spring, willow leaves just germinated, like beauty’s narrow eyes, called “spring eyes”;The new end of the branch is called “spring tip”.Spring is the breeding season, this germinating and breeding, thriving, the descendants of continuous connection together, so often linked with women.”Book of Songs” in the “there is a female huaichun” verse.The poem compares a woman’s eyebrow to a “spring mountain”, “full of autumn water, light spring mountain”, especially moist and affectionate.”Spring scenery” is not only the scenery of spring, but also the leakage of “spring scenery” if women are not properly dressed.”Youth” is always a word that makes people charmed, excited and somewhat disconsolate.”Spring xing” and “spring heart” need restraint, restraint may “spring”.The advertisement for Yichun, Jiangxi province, “A city that calls for spring”, successfully portrays the vitality of the city.No winter is insurmountable, no spring will come.The poems written in the beginning of Spring, like the beginning of spring, are full of vitality.Xin Qiji said, “Spring has returned, look at the beauty head, madadayo spring flags”;Bai Yuchan said, “The east wind blowing mei Snow, one night to save the world spring”;Shi Shu said, “green willow eyes plum blossom face, just dye Yang and will be different”;Wang Mian said, “a business move, guanhe wanli frozen cloud open”…Regardless of vegetation, animals, or people, spring is a beautiful beginning, so eulogue the words and poems of spring are especially many, also particularly beautiful, read up to let a person spring breeze stroke face, spring scenery full garden, spring breeze change rain, such as spring breeze – spring breeze is also called the east wind.The first pentad of Spring is the “east wind thawing”.The ancients found that the handle of the Big Dipper pointed differently with the changes of the four seasons.Bucket handle points to the east for spring, so, the spring breeze is also called the East wind, “the east wind is not with Zhou Lang then, copper bird spring deep lock two Joe”, “know the east wind surface, full of colors always spring”.In the second pentad of The start of Spring, “Insects start to sting” and in the third pentad of the start of Spring, “fish cheok negative ice”, which means that insects start to move, fish are like carrying floating ice upstream to the water surface.Spring comes early and a year’s plan begins in spring.There are many customs on the start of Spring, such as welcoming the spring, whipping the spring ox, eating spring rolls, hanging spring flags and wearing Chunsheng, which is a kind of jewelry on the head of ancient women. These customs are closely related to creating and enjoying a better life.Yes, life is good, the world is good, let all the good from spring, from now on.