27 minutes for results!Rapid pathological diagnosis of intraoperative freezing in Gaoling District Hospital

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At noon on April 1st, the mass specimen of a 42-year-old thyroid nodule patient in Gaoling District Hospital was immediately sent to the pathology Department for rapid intraoperative frozen pathological diagnosis. It only took 27 minutes from sampling to issuing the report, and the diagnosis result was benign.Rapid intraoperative frozen pathological diagnosis, referred to as “frozen section”, is one of the fastest methods of surgical pathological diagnosis. It is used to quickly freeze the pathological tissue removed during surgery and then make sections in the frozen section machine. After special staining, it is used for pathological diagnosis by pathologists.Pathologists diagnose the nature of the lesion within 30 to 40 minutes after receiving the specimen, providing a clear basis for doctors on the operating table to choose the surgical method and resection scope, effectively solving the pain of the second operation and reducing the economic burden and surgical risk of patients.It is reported that the specimen was sent for examination at 12:28 noon on the same day. After registration and verification, the pathologists cooperated closely and quickly removed the fresh and unfixed tumor tissue for sampling. Meanwhile, the tissue volume, color and texture were described in detail and photographed for filing.At 12:33, the doctor put the tissue specimen on the head of the freezer, drop a small amount of special embedding agent for rapid freezing.After one minute of quick freezing at a temperature of about minus 20 degrees Celsius, experienced doctors put the frozen head on the slicer, cut the frozen specimen into slices of about 5 to 6 microns, and then quickly put them into the fixative solution for fixation and staining.At 12:42, the doctor uploaded the prepared section scan to the cloud platform of the remote pathological consultation system, and the pathologist immediately conducted pathological consultation through the cloud platform, read the slices in real time and issued the report online.At 12:55, the diagnosis report showed diffuse toxic goiter (left lobe of thyroid + isthmus) with nodular goiter, with fibrous nodules and no definite carcinoma.”Intraoperative cryopathologic diagnosis is a high-risk and difficult examination, which requires very high professional skills of pathologists.The successful development of this technology has realized the goal of “less running for patients and more running for data” in pathological diagnosis, so that patients can enjoy more timely and efficient medical services without leaving the area.Zhang Yan, director of the department, the hospital introduced in 2019 pathological freezing microtome, automatic digital slice scanning system and other advanced instruments and equipment, based on a remote pathologic consultation platform, can provide the thyroid nodules, pulmonary nodules, diseases such as breast, ovarian cyst bag piece quick frozen pathological detection, has completed more than 20 cases of intraoperative frozen pathological diagnosis,This also marks a new height of pathological diagnosis technology in Gaoling district hospital.Author: Gaoling District