Zhangqiu will speed up the development of sports and build a “10-minute fitness circle” in urban communities

2022-07-16 0 By

China Shandong network – Perception Shandong February 17-17, the communist Party of China Jinan Zhangqiu District second congress held.Ma Zhiyong, secretary of Jinan Zhangqiu District Committee, delivered a report to the congress on behalf of the first CPC Jinan Zhangqiu District Committee.Ma zhiyong said efforts will be made to improve urban quality, establish and improve standards for construction site management, dust control, green management and outdoor advertising, and promote the construction of smart cities to make cities more livable.We will strengthen unified control over architectural styles and colors, promote the application of modern building technologies, and build sponge cities and resilient cities.We will complete construction of new housing, steadily upgrade old residential areas and potential areas, and promote organic urban renewal.We will improve urban and rural sanitation and cleaning mechanisms, and vigorously promote garbage sorting.We will deepen reform of basic education and fulfill the fundamental task of fostering moral integrity and fostering talent. We will promote universal and inclusive development of preschool education, balanced development of high-quality compulsory education, diversified and distinctive development of regular senior high school education, and integrated development of industry and education in vocational education.We will increase investment in education infrastructure, complete the construction of Dongcheng Experimental School, Zhangqiu Middle School and other campuses, comprehensively improve the hardware and software environment of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and strive to provide education that satisfies the needs of the people.We will deepen the achievements of provincial pilot public health reform, strengthen the early warning network and emergency response mechanism, and comprehensively improve disease prevention and public health emergency response capacity.We will carry out the Healthy Zhangqiu Campaign, carry forward and develop traditional Chinese medicine, improve the community-level public health service system in rural areas and communities, and develop demonstration zones for health and rejuvenation with high standards.We will continue to improve the housing security system to meet multilevel housing demand and promote the steady and sound development of the real estate market.We will accelerate the development of sports and build a “10-minute fitness circle” in urban communities.