Wow retro: SW Twin Difficulty mode, an extra item dropped?Warlock becomes key

2022-07-16 0 By

Sunwell as the last TBC version of the group, both difficulty and BOSS battle design are very different from the previous group, among which the fourth BOSS Erida Gemini is very difficult to cooperate with team members, and under the influence of the mechanism, the BOSS has two different killing methods, the difficulty is also very different.Actually Gemini BOSS has been in level 60 s, for example, is the emperor of Gemini, if they see it as is the ancestor of Gemini BOSS mechanism, then the SW iresearch of Gemini will further optimize the twin mechanism, difficulty and style is also more complex, and two iresearch of Gemini BOSS of HP is not Shared, as long as one of the BOSS down,The other BOSS will have full health, so you have to kill them one by one.Iresearch queen of twin wire respectively, Lola and higher-order warlock the bud silk, the former attack mainly shadow damage, while the latter is the fire damage, so players will be called as dark female and fire, BOSS in the midst of the fighting skill contain lots of AOE damage and DOT, along with a variety of deadly DEBUFF, causing blood pressure is very big,However, it is possible to eliminate DEBUFF by eating two bosses back and forth.For example, dark Woman’s Touch of darkness can reduce the target’s healing amount by 5% and stack up to 20 tiles, which means that the target can no longer benefit from any healing bonus after the DEBUFF is full, but the DEBUFF affected target can eat any fire woman’s fire damage, which will remove the effect.But the corresponding Fire Girl also has a very terrible DEBUFF, fire Girl flame touch skills can make the target every 3 seconds 250 points of fire damage, can stack up to 20 layers, if not timely offset BUFF is very easy to cause attrition, but as long as the successful elimination of DEBUFF, the player will get the effect of shadow flame,Touch of Fire and Touch of shadow will no longer stack for 3 seconds, so the ability of team members to effectively remove buffs becomes a key point in the battle.Due to the high DEBUFF damage of Fire Girl, the pressure on the group of blood is high, so before the 2.43 version of TBC, most teams have to choose the order of fire girl first and then dark girl, but if you choose the order of fire girl first and then dark girl, it will undoubtedly open the difficult mode of Erida Gemini, and in the impression of Fule,When struck the twin through this difficult pattern after a fall will be an extra piece of equipment, but based on the time is too long, that also can’t prove that, but at least the blizzard stylist has battle from iresearch of Gemini design, began to consider the same BOSS difficult to distinguish, also be to level 80 heroes and ordinary difficulty copies made.About SW Gemini BOSS fight, in addition to test treatment profession, the BOSS will also need a warlock T fire resistant female, and warlock T walk a vital, coupled with the female of fire damage fire won’t because of the fire resistance reduction, so the warlock can only through the way of stacking stamina to improve its hardness, so a good warlock P5 stage T gets very hot.