World Health Day. Joe’s on the move

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April 7, 2022 is “World Health Day”, and this year China’s publicity theme is “Healthy Homeland, Healthy China”.Qiao Courtyard scenic area always adhere to tourist satisfaction, comfort as this, continue to carry out in-depth health environment work, so that tourists have the best travel experience.Qiao courtyard with magnificent architecture, exquisite carving, street scene of another kind, strong cultural heritage to attract tourists.Joe courtyard scenic area has been committed to creating a comfortable, clean, beautiful environment for tourists to 5A standard.In order to create a good environment, Qiao courtyard attaches great importance to the scenic area environmental health construction.Strictly in accordance with the company’s management rules and regulations and 5A standards, the scenic spot organizes staff and cleaners to learn cleaning matters training, sanitation regional responsibility system, grid implementation, and strict implementation of garbage classification, recycling and treatment.Behind the cleanliness and neatness, there are always people who pay silently.The environmental sanitation of the scenic spot is divided into blocks, roads, parking lots, toilets, exhibition areas and other groups. Every day, 360 degrees without dead Angle inspection, cleaning the scenic spot, rigorous and meticulous work.”Toilets are the yardstick of human civilization.”Small as it is, the toilet is a universal language of smell and sight.Qiao courtyard scenic area of the toilet cleaner cleaning a set of standards – daily inspection, monitoring of the facilities and equipment in the toilet, do tracking circuit wipe, ensure adequate hand sanitizer, toilet paper and other guest supplies, to provide high-quality toilet environment for tourists.Can reflect qiao home courtyard most “toilet revolution” humane feelings belong to the 3rd toilet.When you enter the toilet, you can feel the facilities different from ordinary toilets. The “third toilet” is equipped with a baby nursing table, and handrails are installed on the toilet seat and the sink for the convenience of parents with children and the disabled.With perfect supporting facilities and clean sanitary environment, the two toilets in Fusheng City block have been rated as “three-star tourist toilets”.It is an important daily job for street and road cleaners to clean the street surface and other public areas in the scenic spot.Each cleaner has his own “bag dry area”, every day to ensure their own area clean and tidy.It is the daily work of the exhibition staff to keep the exhibition room clean and tidy and every piece of exhibits in good condition.They sweep and mop daily tour, signs, garbage cans clean at any time, garbage timely cleaning, and strive to maintain a clean, comfortable environment for the tour.Joe courtyard scenic area of the departments control 5A standards, each performing its own duties, close cooperation, joint management, and strive to ensure a comfortable and pleasant tourism environment.World Health Day. Joe’s on the move.