The queen of the Most sa Mongolian nationality in the Qing Dynasty returned to her mother’s house after being dethroned. The emperor wanted to take her back

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“The most ruthless emperor”.The children of the imperial family are destined to have an extraordinary destiny since they were born. While carrying endless glory, they also undertake a great mission. There is no kinship before power, and power is always the first in line.In the Qing Dynasty, there was an empress named Bolzijit Mengguqing, who never cared about the emperor. She was arrogant, domineering and loved luxury.Shunzhi emperor in a rage to make the decision after the waste, Meng Guqing is angry to run back to her home, after returning to her home has been pregnant, Shunzhi emperor personally went to pick her back to the palace, how expected Meng Guqing behind the home put words: send troops!Meng Guqing, whose family name is Boljijit, is a pure Mongolian, lives in the beautiful vast Horqin grassland.Since childhood with the Mongolian free and easy and uninhibited, her family is the descendants of Genghis Khan, inherited the glory of the generation.The Qing Dynasty was founded by the Nuzhen people, belonging to the Manchu nationality, a minority in northeast China. Like the Mongols, they were good at fighting and had strong endurance due to the cold weather. At last, Nurhachi led the Qing army into the Pass and entered the Central Plains.After the establishment of the Qing Dynasty, there was a tradition of marriage between Manchu and Mongolia.As the royal family of the Qing Dynasty, the Manchus naturally wanted to be associated with the noble Mongolian blood lineage, so as to ensure the purity of the descendants’ blood lineage.In this way, the Mongolian Boljijit family naturally became the object of marriage of the Qing royal family.As a result, the Bolzijit family produced many queens and concubines, and before Meng Guqing married Fu Lin, Fu Lin’s father, Huang Taiji, selected three women from Bolzijit as his wives.Boljijit Bumuputai, the famous “Empress dowager of Xiaozhuang”, was one of them. She raised many children for Huangtaiji, until his son, Fu Lin, succeeded him as Emperor Shunzhi.In history, Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang lived a wise life and was a woman of talent, beauty and wisdom.As you can see, the Bolzijit family had a close relationship with the Qing imperial family, which added to the glory of the Bolzijit family.Meng Guqing is in such a prominent family, she is the niece of The Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang, is the little princess of the Horqin grassland, naturally also can not escape the fate of marrying the Qing royal family.In this way, Meng Guqing married his own cousin Shun Zhi Emperor Fu Lin under the auspices of Queen Mother Xiaozhuang and Regent Duergun.Both parties were extremely unhappy about the marriage, and married life was unhappy.Meng Guqing grew up on the Horqin grassland as a child. He lived a natural and comfortable life, and also developed an unrestrained temper and independent ideas.He married a man he had never met, this man is his own cousin, what is more terrible is that he has to spend the rest of his life in the palace like a prison, the life as far as the eye can see, let Meng Guqing is very disgusted.Second, Meng Guqing, who was born in a noble family, was used to seeing women around her father Khan fight jealously and end up losing each other, and she sniffed at this phenomenon.Longing for the ideal love of “a pair of life” was completely unrealistic in the patriarchal feudal society of ancient China.What’s more, his husband is still the emperor of “one person above, ten thousand people below”, the emperor has three palaces and six hospitals, three thousand beautiful women, this is no more common things.But in Meng Guqing’s opinion, my husband can only be my own, no one can share with me.As a result, Meng guqing often created difficulties for the other concubines of The Shunzhi emperor, including his favorite Concubine Dong E.Meng Guqing is the little princess of Horqin, everyone admires her, which also makes Meng Guqing develop arrogant and insolent temper.More importantly, Meng Guqing lived a luxurious life since his childhood. He had to wear precious stones and eat with utensils made of gold.At the same time, After the death of Huang Taiji, Fu Lin succeeded the throne, when fu Lin was young, they sealed Duergun as regent, assisting Fu Lin, Xiaozhuang empress Dowager also from the side control government.After marriage shunzhi emperor eager to affinity, so he thinks his niang empress Dowager xiaozhuang and uncle Duoergun to their marriage is to better control their own, especially the other party or their niang pro niece.This led emperor Shunzhi to have a bad view of Meng Guqing from the very beginning.Together with Meng Guqing daily arrogance, jealousy, love luxury and a series of shortcomings, shunzhi emperor is infinitely amplified, deeply stimulated shunzhi emperor, he needs is a well-educated, can understand their own mind of the woman, it is obvious that Meng Guqing is not a lover.Therefore, Emperor Shunzhi finally made the decision of abolishing Meng Guqing and demoted her to the rank of Princess Jing.03 separate shunzhi emperor after the waste of the news to xiaozhuang and Duoergun there, they try their best to block, but still ao Shunzhi emperor, can not change his mind.When Meng Guqing heard the news of his dismissal, he felt humiliated and rushed back to his mother’s home in a fit of anger.However, after returning to her mother’s home, Meng Guqing felt uncomfortable and often felt dizzy and nauseous, so she looked for a doctor to check and became pregnant.Far away in the capital, Emperor Shunzhi heard the good news or put down the prejudice in his heart, personally led the army to fetch Meng Guqing back to the palace.However, the Mongolian people on the Horqin grassland were very dissatisfied with Emperor Shunzhi. Meng Guqing was the little princess of Horqin and the pearl in their eyes. They thought that emperor Shunzhi’s abolition of Meng Guqing was equivalent to looking down on the whole Mongolia.In addition, Meng Guqing himself was extremely reluctant to return to the cold palace, where everything made him feel strange and terrible, even less willing to endure the shunzhi emperor’s cold treatment.She decided never to return to the palace and spent the rest of her life on the grasslands of her native land.The Mongol tribesmen also blocked Shunzhi, and the message was clear: If he tried to take her back, he would go to war.For the harmony between the Manchu and Mongolian tribes and for the stability of the whole world, Emperor Shunzhi chose the former without hesitation.The marriage between Meng Guqing and Emperor Shunzhi was full of political nature. One was arrogant and domineering and longed for freedom, which could not be trapped by the high palace wall.One is calm and introverted, eager to govern, which is xiaozhuang and Dourgun can not control.The two extremes looked each other in the eye, but ONLY I was disappointed. After three years of marriage, MENG Guqing parted ways, thus becoming the first retired empress in the history of the Qing Dynasty.How expect, the world is impermanent, the meng Guqing that returns home is checked out to have dragon heir, shunzhi emperor sees on the face of child heir, go to Mongolia personally, welcome Meng Guqing to return to palace, Meng Guqing behind the home brightly tell Shunzhi emperor this is impossible.Shunzhi emperor also did not insist on going on, finally give up beauty, from now on sit steady, have to sigh: “since ancient times emperors are more fickle”!