Man walks 6 bikes in half a year, exclaims “lonely and ownless” by Lu You

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In half a year, the man stole 6 bicycles of all kinds. Facing the interrogation of the police, he also argued that these were “lonely driving owner-less” “owner-less cars”. His behavior was just to recycle the abandoned resources and give the cars to people in need.Recently in Shanghai putuo police quickly solve a series of bicycle theft case after receiving the alarm and alarm people recover stolen vehicles, based on current criminal suspects earlier on suspicion of theft has been putuo police criminal detention according to law cases are further probing on February 9, 2022 in the morning, lee came to Shanghai putuo oasis road police station, public security bureauOn the night of February 3, a valuable bicycle was stolen from a restaurant near the entrance of Taopu Road.After receiving the tip-off, the police immediately launched an investigation.Police through the scene visit, combined with public video, soon found that the man Jiang mou is suspected of committing major crimes.All the way tracking, police locked jiang’s range of activities.At 15 o ‘clock that afternoon, the police in jinding Road in a residential area will be captured by Jiang, and in the residential area in a residential building seized stolen bicycles and another 5 stolen bicycles.To the case after Jiang truthfully confessed to his six bicycle theft in half a year of criminal facts,Earlier usually have a fixed to a true light taopu road intersection restaurant habits according to its account he often eat on the way to see some bikes parked on the side of the street is to hang for some a few days earlier they think those car owners in dissipate “since said the words” to “decision” the car is unowned he also explained to police the bikes like “bligh operator, xu mei” in lu you’s ci”Lonely open without the” plum blossom as usual mind a hot earlier regardless of bicycle also locked will these so-called “no man’s car went home finally forced demolition of lock for himself with the earlier February 6, is that the same thing to Mr Li’s car alarm people forced back into the house the police prompt citizens should try to non-motor vehicles parked in a parking lot or manned,And timely lock the vehicle, storage box, cushion, etc.Do not park your vehicle at random for the sake of temporary convenience so as to give criminals an opportunity to take advantage of it.Once found stolen property, to the police in a timely manner, and actively provide clues to the police, in order to solve the case as soon as possible.Speaking of here we will review lu you this song “Predict calculate son · Yong Mei” bar broken bridge outside, lonely open ownerless.Is the evening alone sorrow, more wind and rain.No bitter contention for spring, a group of envy.Zero completion of the mud grinding dust, only the incense.”Bu Operator · Chant plum” – [Song] Lu You plum flower so quiet and absolutely vulgar, but now unexpectedly open in the countryside outside the Courier station, dilapidated “broken bridge”, plum flower is also much neglected.It doesn’t get the care it deserves, let alone the appreciation.”Lonely and ownerless”, it is all alone, looking around, who will look at it, it is ownerless plum.Sunset dusk, twilight hazy, this lonely, no one cares about the plum, how can bear this desolate?It has only sorrow, and sorrow alone.Lu You to plum blossom self-simile, “chant plum”, in fact to express their thoughts and feelings, we left a very deep impression, become a masterpiece chant plum.Netizens have expressed: source: comprehensive news evening news, netizens comments and other videos: CAI Huanghao, Zhang Li, Xue Ningwei editor: Ivy review: Qian Chengcan