Hexi District of Tianjin unveils top 10 projects for 2022

2022-07-16 0 By

On the first day of work after the Spring Festival, Hexi District of Tianjin, instead of taking a nap, has deployed the “Ten major projects” for 2022, and mobilized party members and officials in the district to take responsibility and work hard to speed up the construction of a top priority district and a high-quality urban area, and strive to create a new situation in the construction of a modern socialist metropolis core area.The start is the decisive battle, the start is the sprint.In recent years, hexi district always continue to hold “the seventh conference”, the deployment of “ten projects” tradition, ideology of “spell”, maintain “seize” a state of mind, adhere to the “real” work style, early action, early, working, seize opportunities, improve the priority command system, vertical and flat push every task for the fall to the ground.This year, Hexi District continues to promote the key work of the whole year in the form of headquarters, with careful arrangement and concentration of strength.Ensuring high quality normalized epidemic prevention and control engineering, development, promote the consumption energy engineering, urban quality improvement project, deepen the family endowment service engineering, completed further lay the pollution prevention engineering, deepen the collaboration between the eastern and boost rural revitalization of engineering, social management ability to ascend, food safety demonstration city of building engineering, promoting the development of the party lead the project into effect.As for the high-quality development project, Hexi District will focus on 10 industries, including finance, design, shipping service and digital economy, to cultivate characteristic innovation chain industry chain.Improve the design industry ecosystem, design industry revenue maintain double-digit growth;We will accelerate the development of potential industries such as culture, tourism and sports, and accelerate the formation of industrial clusters with high concentration, distinctive features and strong influence.Vigorously cultivate the biomedical industry, build a new biomedical sector;During the year, 2,000 new registered enterprises were launched, and the number of building enterprises reached 22,000.Further implement the three-year action plan to optimize the business environment, and build a “flagship store” of Hexi government affairs service based on the municipal “Government affairs Network” platform;We will do a good job in the evaluation and warehousing of national science and technology smes, baby eagle and gazelle enterprises, promote the healthy development of market entities, and finish the three-year campaign for soE reform.We will adopt a combination of measures to achieve a 6% increase in GDP, a 6% increase in revenue in general public budgets, a 5% increase in fixed-asset investment, a rise in per capita disposable income in step with economic growth, and a steady performance of other major indicators within an appropriate range.We will coordinate the layout of production, living and ecology, accelerate the establishment of a scientific, refined and intelligent urban construction and management system, and make the whole district more civilized, livable and exquisite.Centering on the urban quality improvement project, Hexi District will focus on the management of the back streets and alleyways, old communities, vegetable markets and other parts as well as the surrounding areas to create a batch of hexi characteristic civilization brands and comprehensively improve the overall social civilization level.Renovate 33 kilometers of old heating pipe network, do a good job of household garbage classification, build district-level urban operation and management center and “double carbon” theme park, build 220,000 square meters of green space, and create “small and micro green space” and “pocket park” by inserting green space.We formulated a five-year plan for urban renewal, completed the renovation of five residential areas and 308,200 square meters of old residential areas and the secondary water supply renovation of two residential areas, comprehensively improved the level of property services, and realized the full coverage of the “Fu Yi yi” project.To enjoy a happy old age is the expectation of every old person and the focus of every family.This year, hexi district will also go to deepen the pension that occupy the home ground to carry out the service project, building, rebuilding the streets, community home endowment service center, actively carry out household services such as housekeeping, nursing, completed 500 elderly families optimal aging, “corridor rest seat” project implementation, realization of district have the installation conditions without a complete coverage of the elevator stair-door,We will purchase accident insurance for the elderly over the age of 60 with registered residence in the district, optimize the “three-bed linkage” working mechanism of medical care, health care and family care beds, promote the extension of professional nursing services and medical services to families, and build a district-level state-run nursing home with 300 beds in high standard.A series of practical measures will be taken to further explore the “Hexi Model” of home-based elderly care services, continue to promote the “133” project for home-based elderly care, and create an optimal urban area for elderly care.(Tianjin Bureau of China Daily