During the Period of the Republic of China, the director of the railway bureau embezzled large sums of money, but was released with a reduced sentence because he had a big backer

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In 1945, China finally won the war of Resistance against Japanese Aggression.After the Japanese surrender, the Nationalist government took over the formerly japanese-controlled areas and took over parts of the government.Kuomintang senior officials in the southwest at that time coveted positions in Shanghai and other places, hoping to get these lucrative posts.The two railway bureaus, which manage the shanghai-Nanjing and Shanghai-Hangzhou lines, have become sought-after jobs because of the large number of deals involved.Chen Bozhuang, then director of the two roads Bureau, wanted to select the following officials.But what he did not expect was that the post of director of the materials Department, responsible for purchasing, had already been directly given to others by The Minister of Transportation, Yu Feipeng, and zhang Hongtu, who took up this position, also committed a big corruption case that shook Shanghai.First, Chen hongtu’s “good wife” Zhang Hongtu was able to take up this key position, and he and transport Minister Yu Feipeng’s special relationship has a direct link.Not only is he a distant relative of Yu Feipeng, but his wife, Yu Xiangyan, and the transport minister are fellow town-folk, and their families often moved around in the southwest, so they were close.This Yu Xiangyan was also a man of the hour in the southwest.Before the outbreak of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, she worked as a lawyer in the Shanghai concession, and had contacts with many celebrities and politicians, and there were many erotic news about her at that time.This makes her a famous social butterfly, and her life is certainly luxurious.With the outbreak of the War of Resistance against Japan, Yu Xiangyan also fled to the rear for refuge.In this period of hardship, she still did not reduce their quality of life, still lead a luxurious life of a socialite.He often holds parties at his home and contacts people from all walks of life.After returning to Shanghai with her husband, Yu wanted to have the quality of life she had before the war.Zhang hongtu had a monthly salary of 100,000 yuan, which was a large sum, but far from satisfying Yu Xiangyan’s appetite.Yu Xiangyan was different from other rich women in the Republic of China. She had a good understanding of political and economic issues.She knows her husband although the official position is not obvious, but he needs to be responsible for purchasing a large number of raw materials, every day to handle a huge amount of cash, which makes her move up a crooked idea.She first asked her husband to replace all the subordinates with familiar confidants. After proper arrangement, Yu Xiangyan asked Zhang Hongtu to invite all of them to his mansion on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 1946.After entering Zhang jia, a few people sigh in succession of adornment luxurious.At this time zhang Hongtu sighed and said, this is just gold and jade outside, among them, they have copped to retreat to find another way out.At this time, Yu Xiangyan also said that Zhang hongtu’s salary could not meet the expenses of the family, and they now owed more than one million yuan in debt in Shanghai.Several confidants naturally knew what the hostess meant. They said that Zhang hongto did not need to live such a “poor” life, he was just “too well-behaved”.After they put forward, can come forward by themselves as the material procurement intermediary.Such not only do not need to pay others intermediary fees, but also can directly collect kickbacks from the seller there, the profit is very considerable.After hearing this, Yu Xiangyan pretended to worry about whether it would be bad, but in fact he had acquiesced in the proposal of several of his cronies and asked them to carry it out.In the following days, several of Zhang hongtu’s cronies began to try to ask the seller for bribes.They expect them to refuse, but traders fear that they will lose the right to supply them if they annoy them, so they try to satisfy them no matter how outrageous their prices are.Then they quickly sent the stolen money to Yu Xiangyan, which made Yu extremely happy, and proposed to step up efforts to get more money.After a while, they even came up with four rules.Money was demanded from each merchant, a bribe was paid for each transaction, deals that had already been made had to be “negotiated to make up”, and suppliers had to be “selected from the bottom of the pecking order”, with “stingy” vendors later disqualified from selling goods and services.Under the influence of these four rules, businesses had to spend a lot of money to feed their appetites, which squeezed their profits.The merchants, who had no profit to lose, had their objections at this time.Yu xiang-yen and his gang knew that to continue this pattern of demanding bribes, they had to satisfy the merchants’ interests. So they allowed the merchants to raise the selling price of their goods to ensure their profits, but the merchants had to increase their bribes appropriately.However, the price of raw materials is not higher than the previous bribery, this is to be put on the books, the material department staff will see.In order to keep them all on their side, Zhang hongtu and others decided to give a large “bonus” to all the staff involved.Most of the workers, after receiving benefits, chose to hide the accounting irregularities from their superiors, which allowed Zhang hongtu and others to become even more brazen, directly raising the purchase price of raw materials by 10 percent.Right now two just joined the small staff huang Ruzhen and Shen Jiazhang, also discovered the problem on accounts.They thought there was something fishy going on, so they brought the matter to the bureau’s head and asked the materials department to conduct a thorough investigation.Her report touched the sensitive nerve of the corrupt officials in the materials department. After hearing this, Yu asked their direct leaders to give them a “bonus” of 200,000 yuan each, and hoped that they would not pursue the matter any more.▲ The female employees of the Government of the Republic of China should know that at that time, the monthly salary of Huang Shen and Shen was only over 100 yuan, which was an astronomical figure for them.But the work ethic helped them make the right decision.Two people in the receipt of the bonus, the money together with their work sorted out the doubts, together sent to the two bureau of the deputy director Of the Hands of Chen Bozhuang and Hou or Hua.After two people received a report, the two chiefs identified the matter as serious, they contacted the Central Statistics Bureau and the police to conduct a detailed investigation of the work of the materials department.They began by visiting merchants who had supplied the materials department for months, and who had long resented the blatant soliciting of bribes by people like Mr. Chang and Mr. Yu.So they soon exposed all the crimes of the gang, and several of Zhang hongtu’s cronies were first brought under control as actual bribe-takers.▲ The members of the Central Committee of the Republic of China later in the interrogation, they knew that they had no way to dispute, so they admitted their behavior of taking bribes.But they claim they were forced to do so by the Zhangs.Chang was arrested and imprisoned, and Yu Hsiang-yen, who fled more than a month later, was captured.Impotent Punishment As soon as Chang hung-tu and Yu Xiang-yen were arrested, a court session was held to try them.Chang hung Tu remained silent in the court, only saying that he had no knowledge of the matter, and seemed to blame all the problems on his wife, and in the previous confession of his confidant, Yu Xiangyan was indeed more involved in the case than he was.When people will look at Yu Xiangyan, the famous lady’s wife spoke in court to make the judge unexpected speech.She said she and her husband were innocent and that Chen Bozhuang, the head of the two road bureaus, was the initiator of the corruption case.She said Chen Bozhuang covet their beauty has been a long time, so in the work has been to Zhang Hongtu to make trouble, but his husband put up with humiliation, and there is no mistake, which makes Chen Bozhuang very dissatisfied.So it colluded with the staff of the materials department, framed Zhang Hongtu and himself, hoping to be able to gazette a personal grudge, which created the “unjust case”.▲ The judge of the Court of the Republic of China was very shocked after hearing Yu xiangyan’s testimony, but he quickly reacted and said that the middle Party was involved in the investigation of the case, which was obviously not Chen Bozhuang’s ability to operate.Who expected Yu Xiangyan took the initiative to take his words, said responsible for the investigation of the case commissioner Zhang Yunhe and his university classmates, in the pursuit of their own.Having a grudge after being rejected, he was naturally willing to help Chen Bozhuang forge evidence.The judge had to adjourn the court for the sudden situation.As the case involved more than 100 million yuan, so many media in Shanghai were present in the courtroom, they quickly wrote about the news in the newspaper, a corruption case has turned into a jealous love story among Kuomintang officials.This aroused the curiosity of the people, and the case became the most “fashionable” topic in Shanghai.Chen Bozhuang was also pushed into the center of the storm because of this matter, although he came out in the first time to clarify that he had nothing to do with Yu Xiangyan, but his political image has been difficult to recover.For some time afterwards, kuomintang authorities launched a full investigation into Chen and Zhang yunhe, which ultimately cleared them and proved that the chang couple were behind the bribery.Later, the Shanghai Court retried the case, the principal culprits Zhang Hongtu and his wife were sentenced to 15 years in prison, and their cronies also received due punishment.It was a case that could have vindicated the KMT judiciary, but soon the chang, His wife and others were given reduced sentences.The minister of Transportation, Yu Feipeng, whom Chiang kai-shek had appointed as director of the materials Department, played a major role in the process.The minister of transportation was able to enjoy such “face” because he was Chiang kai-shek’s cousin, and the judicial leaders had to sell him face.Meanwhile, huang Shen, who bravely reported a major corruption case, only got a pay raise of two levels, and was not promoted in the days after, which is not proportional to the risk they bear.After these things were disclosed, the whole people recognized the ugly face of the Kuomintang authorities, which made the image of the Kuomintang judicial organs suffer a great negative impact.Note: This article is about zhang Hongtu’s case, which was published in The Procuratorial Affairs, No. 11, 2001