Can car tires be changed into explosion-proof tires

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It is very dangerous for a car to have a flat tire on the way. If it is a flat tire on the front wheel, the driving direction will be offset. The driver should focus on correcting the direction.It is also very difficult to drive and can easily cause traffic accidents.Because of this, there are explosion-proof tires, many drivers think that since explosion-proof tires can be explosion-proof, then it is better to change the ordinary tires of their cars into explosion-proof tires, but in fact, can it really be so?Let’s talk about it.* Explosion-proof tire principle Many people do not understand clearly what is explosion-proof tire, Diyi’s impression is that explosion-proof tire does not explode, it is very high-tech.Others think that explosion-proof tires are solid tires with no air in them, which won’t leak even if a nail hits them.But in fact, the blast tires are just as inflated as regular tires, but the side walls of the blast tires are very thick.The fact that the side walls are very thick doesn’t mean that the nails don’t pop, it means that the thick side walls hold the car up when the nails do pop.Ordinary tires are punctured after a thin layer of skin, the hub is directly in contact with the ground, the damage to the hub is very large.The advantage of explosion-proof tires is that you can keep driving with a puncture.* Expensive since the explosion-proof tires so big, why explosion-proof tires or few people use, not popular.A thing has advantages that will also have disadvantages, although explosion-proof tires can be explosion-proof, no gas car can run, but the price of explosion-proof tires is much higher than ordinary tires, the same specifications of tires, explosion-proof tires are about 1.5 times the price of ordinary tires.There is also the cost of maintenance, explosion-proof tires unlike ordinary tires, burst repair on the line.The sidewalls of the explosion-proof tires are thick and hard, which is very difficult to repair, and if it needs to be replaced, it will cost more.A lot of low-end cars don’t have explosion-proof tires at all, it’s just too expensive to use.* Poor comfort explosion-proof tires also have a disadvantage is the poor comfort of driving.Because the wall of the explosion-proof tire is thick and hard, the weight is heavier than ordinary tires, first of all, it increases the burden of the car, many people in order to save fuel, and even put the weight of the car to a reasonable range of light, in order to reduce the burden of the engine to achieve the purpose of fuel saving.Putting on explosion-proof tires is undoubtedly giving the car a pair of iron shoes, and the driving experience is very bad.Another is the tire wall of explosion proof tire is very thick and hard, be out of shape sex is poor, this also means shock reduction effect is poor, when you drive those uneven road surface, can feel very bumpy, the test of other parts to chassis at the same time also is bigger, can shorten the life of chassis other parts likely.* Chassis suspension is the most important point, not all cars can change explosion-proof tires, in addition to those factory equipped with explosion-proof tires of the car, other cars in the ordinary tires into explosion-proof tires need to put the chassis suspension after special adjustment, the hub also need to replace the corresponding line, in order to withstand stronger impact.It’s easy to put your car through such a complex adjustment to replace the blast-proof tires. The cost is not reduced, but increased, and the car may not run as well as it did before.Conclusion: car tires or do not casually replace, if not equipped with the factory do not adjust at will, even if determined to change, also want to go to a professional place, do not adjust the performance of the car.