Little swallow, dressed in flowers, comes here every spring…Chapter 6 The Swallow

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The little swallow slanted across the sky.The original meaning of yan is swallow.Shuowen considers yan to be a bird with black feathers.The character “Yan” on oracle bone inscriptions is like a swallow flying to the sky. The head and mouth of the swallow are above the shape, the bifurcations on both sides are like a pair of wings of the swallow, and the bend below is like the scissor-like tail of the swallow.The “Yan” of Xiao Zhuan, the lower part of the character becomes a “fire”.In addition, yan (yān) was also the name of a vassal state of the Zhou Dynasty. Yan was one of the seven warring States states.Swallow, you fly back, the nest you built is broken, can no longer live in.You toiled with dirt and hay to build a new nest.Swallow, WHEN your new home is finished, I must come and congratulate you.In 1906, Shen Xingong, an early Chinese student studying abroad, composed a song called Yan Yan, which became one of the earliest school songs.Yan yan!Yan yan!Not another year.Fly!Fly!Borrow with you two or three rafters.The door of your old nest is torn and not perfect. Go, pick up dirt, pick up grass, mend it while the sun shines.Yan yan!Yan yan!Do not stay indoors.Close the window!Close the window!Must ask you return also not.You had better move your new nest to the top of the porch. It will be convenient for you, and convenient for me.In 1957, a song from the Chinese mainland film “The Nurse’s Diary” became a hit.Little swallow, wearing colorful clothes, come here every spring, I asked the swallow why you come, the swallow said, spring here is the most beautiful.It reverberated throughout my childhood and was banned during the Cultural Revolution, as if it were petty bourgeoisie sappy music.Then the song of Ying Ying Yan Yan was let go, but urban and rural areas also began to demolish big bases, eaves and eaves under the birds are less, more chickens and ducks.Chinese people have a joke: what do you care?From the swallow and sparrow’s ups and downs, but the bird responded to the world.