Li Ka-shing tops shaanxi stolo real estate rich list

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On April 6, hurun Research Institute released the hurun Global Real Estate Entrepreneurs List 2022, which lists the 100 richest real estate entrepreneurs in the world.The 100 real estate tycoons have a total wealth of 4.2 trillion yuan.Overall, the threshold for the real estate rich list reached 17.5 billion yuan, and the cut-off date for wealth calculation was January 14, 2022.They come from 16 countries.The average age is 67, three years older than the average age of the hurun global Rich list previously released.Of the 100 real estate billionaires, China led the list with 52.The United States was next with 17.The UK ranked third with eight;India is fourth with six places.The top two real estate billionaires are Li Ka-shing of Cheung Kong Holdings and Lee Shau Kee of Henderson Land holdings, both aged 94.Among them, Li Ka-shing’s family wealth reached 205 billion yuan, and Lee Shau-kee’s wealth reached 170 billion yuan.Rounding out the top 10 were:Country garden Yang huiyan ($165 billion), Peter woo of wheelock family (115 billion yuan), longhu Ms. Wu family (105 billion yuan), wanda wang jianlin ($105 billion), British Grosvenor Hugh Grosvenor (100 billion yuan), Donald bren Owen companies in the United States) liu (95 billion yuan), Chinese estatesLuanxiong family (90 billion yuan) and excellent Li Hua (70 billion yuan).Among the billionaires on the list, 57 saw their wealth increase from last year, with 76-year-old Wu Guangzheng from China’s Hui Tak Fung increasing by 30 billion yuan.Thirty-six saw their wealth drop from last year, with China accounting for two-thirds (24th).The biggest drop in wealth came from Evergrande’s xu Jiayin, 64, who lost 150 billion yuan.Hurun said the financial woes of China’s property sector since the second half of last year, coupled with weaker homebuyer confidence, had led to a drop in sales, further exacerbating the woes of the industry’s tycoons.However, it can be seen from the list that the number of Chinese entrepreneurs among the top 100 entrepreneurs in the global real estate industry is more than that of other countries combined. “On the whole, the real estate industry has been relatively stable for many years. After the epidemic, many people invested in real estate to fight against inflation.”In terms of residence, Xi ‘an, Shaanxi province, has one entrepreneur on the list of the world’s richest real estate billionaires: the prosperous Squibb family ranked 66th with a fortune of 24 billion yuan, up 6 percent from last year.Li Cheng, reporter of Huashang Daily Source: Huashang net – Editor of Huashang Daily: Fang Zheng