Before the National football team only lose, not lose!How did the Chinese football team only reach Rome

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Fan Zhiyi a hate iron does not become steel words became a prophecy, with four naturalized national football team really lost to Vietnam, and is a complete defeat, no bottom line of the complete defeat, the national football team was pulled down the FIG leaf.National football four naturalized big Zhang Wei and Wang Mian’s music talk show appeared in the Spring Festival Gala was not less ridicule, may be the two people also not, but it doesn’t matter, appeared on the first day of the national football team than they ga one thousand times, ten thousand times.As a former football fan, facing such a national football team reminds me of those terrible experiences of the National football team. Now, it turns out that the national football team was at its peak at that time. Comparing the current national football team with the national football team at that time is blasphemy.The same loss, the same did not enter the World Cup finals, today talk about how we only missed a step to Rome, at that time we only lost, did not lose, face is still there.The 1990 World Cup finals in Italy was still limited to 24 teams, with only two slots available for Asian teams.Coach Gao Fengwen led the national team to the Seoul Olympic Finals the year before that, which was the only time Chinese football qualified for the Olympic Games. With this team as the base, The National team set foot on the journey of the Asian zone in the 1990 World Cup qualifying tournament.Gaofengwen group China and Thailand, Bangladesh and Iran points in a group, the group first into the top six games, the team’s is recognized as the Asian teams, 84 Asian cup, 88 Asian cup third, so Iran is our only opponent, the team’s first guest – Thailand, home and away double Bangladesh, the fourth home games in the key of the first world war with Iran.It was a stirring victory and the team’s home in shenyang people’s stadium, in soon after the end of the game is dismantled, the team’s with LiuHaiGuang’s first-half header and second-half Zhang Xiaowen diving header beat Iran 2-0 in the occupied for the initiative, this is the Iraq war in 715, after a week on Iran’s away, the team’s 0:After recovering from a 3-point deficit and enjoying a goal difference, China edged Iran out of the final six after a comfortable home win over Thailand.In 1989, just after the National Day, the National football team left for Singapore. Our opponents were South Korea, then called South Korea, as well as North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The single round competition, the top two teams qualified.Opener in Saudi Arabia, the opponent is the most strong team in Asia at the time, with Asia’s star majid, after the team’s opening appears very panic, Saudi Arabia using penalty record first, then the team’s goalkeeper Fu Yubin started to individual performances have saved majid three single-pole ball, in the second-half effort of the Chinese team by MaiChaoMei, the team’s start to reverse the game.Once a penalty expert MaiChao the first world war ii in the united Arab emirates (uae), the Chinese team dominated the field advantage, with Tang Yaodong blasted off from the world wave the team’s first-half keeping the advantage of 1-0 to the 89th minute, immediately in stoppage time, gaofengwen regret a lifetime make a decision, change Dong Liqiang, excited Dong Liqiang appearance after been stealing the ball in a row,The United Arab Emirates scored twice in three minutes of stoppage time, marking the birth of China’s famous first black three minutes.Tang Yaodong desperately against South Korea in the third game, at that time, the National football team did not have the fear of Korea, the strength of the two sides, finally seized an opportunity by Kim Ju-sung in front of the goal, the National football team 0-1 lost the third game, the situation is in jeopardy.The fourth game they had to win was against North Korea, which remained locked in battle until the 83rd minute when Xie Yuxin scored the winning goal.Xie Yuxin is the first Chinese player to return home after four rounds, South Korea 3 wins and draws 7 points to advance to the qualification, the United Arab Emirates 1 wins and 3 draws 5 points, The National football team 2 wins and 2 losses 4 points, Qatar and North Korea are 3 points, Saudi Arabia 2 points ahead of schedule.In the final round, China will play Qatar, South Korea will play the United Arab Emirates and North Korea will play Saudi Arabia.China team is facing the situation, must defeat Qatar, but also to see the face of South Korea, if South Korea releases water, all over, this is the Chinese team after many years of facing the classic situation, but not now, now the national football team has no chance to face such a situation, unworthy.South Korea does not drain, they drew 1-1 with the united Arab emirates (uae), and as long as national soccer team win the Qatar can tally with the advantage of promotion to the World Cup finals, edging out the united Arab emirates (uae) in the 76 minutes, marin in front of the break, the whole boiling, China TV screens to project the words “into the Roman”, but the final stage,The National team suffered the second black three minutes, Qatar scored two goals in the final time, one foot has set foot on Rome’s national team regrettably stopped in the finals.When Marlin shot almost out of the line when the national football team suffered a full range of criticism back home, it is the deep pain of love, and now the National football team, do not want to say, big New Year’s day, can not mention it.Silent Chinese football fans want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to green nostalgia