Actual combat combat in the hardened steel, Lanzhou city to fight against electric fraud crime made historic achievements

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The year 2021 will be a very challenging year for combating and managing electric fraud.Outbreak of this year, in the face of the new champions face the impact of high rates of electricity fraud crime situation, lanzhou blow electrical fraud crime unit joint meeting members adhere to xi jinping, new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth study and implement general secretary xi important indicator spirit, earnestly implement the central, provincial and municipal party committee government decision deployment,Always carry out the fight against electric fraud crime as a strong grasp to promote the modernization of municipal governance, all parties to make efforts, comprehensive governance, promote the work to achieve historic achievements.Municipal telecom network fraud cases decreased 29.21% year on year;Cracked telecom and network fraud cases increased 2.49 times year on year;The number of arrests rose 37.79% year on year, marking the historic turning point of “two rises and one decline” for the first time in the country.The organization and leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to more traction, the main leaders repeatedly instructed requirements, personally deployed to carry out the “national anti-fraud concentrated attack month” action, the government launched the “national anti-fraud” propaganda action plan.Standing at the height of the modernization of municipal social governance, the municipal Political and legal Committee will fight against electric fraud into the “safe construction” assessment category, traction and promote the implementation of various work.The joint Offices have organized and held 12 steering meetings, joint meetings and promotion meetings, exerting great pressure and pushing forward the work, gathering their collective strength and providing a strong guarantee.Ecological hit more penetrating the city’s public security organs adhere to the “city bureau dominant, counties, technical support, police station master, bundling operations” predominant mechanisms, dealing with all levels of anti cheat center as the backing, centralized superior resources, integration of professional means, reshaping, restructuring transmission combat model, promote the city electricity cheat quite sharp decline,The number of solved cases, the rate of solved cases, the number of suspects arrested, the amount of stopped payment and the amount of returned funds increased by “one drop” and “five rises”.To “cut the card” action as a starting point, optimize the network security supervision mechanism, financial institutions internal control mechanism, industry and information department management mechanism, strict information sources, strictly check the flow of funds, strictly control card holders, to “remove the bottom type” measures, comprehensive rectification of black ash industry.In 2021, a total of 146,000 risk numbers were investigated and shut down, 14 times higher than the previous year, 13 illegal agent channels were shut down, and 12,000 apps and websites involved in fraud were shut down, effectively eliminating the breeding ground for telefraud crimes.Technology more leading strength in depth is the direct application of province early warning, early warning, the local Internet companies push technology sector model, on the basis of early warning and independent research and development model, building “compression” and so on nine big early warning platform, continuous upgrading warning counter dissuade and technology system, for all time and space interception blocking wade fraud information.In 2021, more than 1.5 million fraudulent phone calls and social network virtual numbers were intercepted, and more than 1.49 million people were dissuade, effectively avoiding losses of more than 38 million yuan.Publicity and prevention more influential city joint office to strengthen overall planning, adhere to the city, county and township linkage, concentrated anti-fraud propaganda “five forward” activities;The FINANCIAL Services Office urged banks to comprehensively strengthen the audit of public accounts, and guided anti-fraud publicity;The Municipal Big Data Bureau added a section of “Public Security Saying and Anti-fraud” to the “Xiaolan Help” APP.Finance, industry and information technology, transportation and other departments to build an “anti-fraud subway, anti-fraud bus”, anti-fraud propaganda more into people’s lives;Municipal Party committee propaganda department, provincial and municipal radio and other media, continue to enrich the way of publicity, carry out along the Yellow River wind line “anti-fraud” theme building lighting, held “the whole people cheat prevention · the world without fraud” theme party.A large number of anti-fraud products created by the public security and news and publicity departments at all levels have reached the top of the mainstream platform “attracting fans” for many times, and the “overwhelming” publicity and prevention pattern has become increasingly perfect.More support joint office building mechanism for the member unit reported between hints, clues to hand over, instruction feedback, LianZha spreading, cooperative mission and work mechanism, especially in combination with the city “epidemic” experience, explore “three people” logistic mode, fully mobilize ZongZhi strength, condensed the hit flood control electric fraud crime, support to create no cheat village (community), 405,No fraud towns (streets) 4, promote the city’s electricity fraud cases dropped significantly, the incidence of cases is 22 percentage points lower than the province, 28 percentage points lower than the national.