Xianyang Experimental Middle School held 2021 annual Summary and Commendation meeting

2022-07-13 0 By

Sun News (reporter Liu Jinwen/photo) On February 13, Xianyang Experimental Middle School held the 2021 annual summary award meeting and the 2022 goal responsibility signing meeting.16 advanced collectives and 137 advanced individuals were commended, and many departments signed target responsibility books.Principal Han Wang delivered a speech, vice principals Tang Baoquan, Tang Qi, Gu Zhiwei, assistant principal Tan Hongxiao and heads of departments and departments at all levels attended the speech.The meeting was presided over by Vice President Tang Baoquan, who first reported the assessment results of 2021 target accountability system.Middle school, church and state department, the department of logistics service, high grade, won the first prize of senior grade two and grade three department, office, scientific bureau, such as second prize, youth corps committee, student development center won third prize, Linda 137 teachers so as to obtain advanced individual, experimental middle school leadership for the winning advanced collective and individual award winning MEDALS and certificates.Then, Meng Xiaojun, Yang Chunning, Zhao Hangbiao, Hu Rui respectively on behalf of the high school and the second grade department, the middle school and the political and education department to speak on the practice of the last semester.Principals of the office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Political Education, the Office of Scientific Research, the Student Development Center, the three departments of high school, and the Middle School signed the 2022 target responsibility letter with the principal Han Wang.Vice principals Tang Baoquan, Tang Qi, Gu Zhiwei respectively on the administrative logistics and junior middle school, teaching and scientific research and senior three, politics and education and senior two work requirements and careful arrangements.Principal Han Wang made an important speech at the conference.He congratulated the advanced collectives and individuals honored and thanked comrades for their efforts in the past year.He warmly commended the four leaders for their experience sharing and hoped that such exchanges would continue in a fruitful way in the future.When talking about the work in 2022, Principal Han pointed out that everything is ready, planning in advance skillfully make arrangements, the school work will be orderly, we must have a sense of time, to gather confidence and courage, innovation work, creative and comprehensive completion of education, teaching and work tasks.Han also arranged the work after the new semester, and expressed sincere expectations for school management and the growth of young cadres.Editor: Li Yu