Shibei: The most beautiful scene in the Spring Festival is “responsibility”

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point reporter Li Zhenmei correspondent Zhu Haiqi Song Zhiyuan “Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the tu Su.Find Tong Tong, always put the new peach in old character.”Behind the Spring Festival peace and joy, orderly, is the public security, traffic police, urban management, sanitation, fire, street and many other units of a group of people in the silent service guarantee, adhere to dedication, bear as.Street sanitation workers cleaning, traffic police busy traffic diversion, street staff on duty patrol……With their commitment and responsibility, they have become the most beautiful scenery in the Spring Festival.Sanitation: Spring Festival stick to their homes clean broom for pen spectrum Chapter every Spring Festival, decorated, beaming;Every New Year’s Eve, reunion, brilliant lights, the city everywhere is permeated with the taste of happiness, together with relatives, taste the New Year’s Eve dinner, telling new expectations, new ideals.However, there are a group of people to clean city on a cold winter night still stick to jobs, in order to let people have a happy Spring Festival, he (she) who take the initiative to give up the opportunity with their family, with a simple mind and industrious sweat to protect city “level” in appearance, they are known as “the city’s beautician” – the sanitation workers.Ren Guihua shibei district sanitation is an ordinary cleaner company, 80 after she had spent nine years on cleaning this post, in nine years, Ren Guihua duty, for home, conscientious, she is cleaning the area of hangzhou, wenzhou road long-distance bus station all the difficulties by procter & gamble into the work window, let the road “renew”.Before and after the Spring Festival every year, the sanitation will be very busy with heavy work, this year’s Spring Festival is no exception, busy has always been the “main melody” of the Spring Festival, every Ren Guihua is three or four o ‘clock in the morning, just before dawn to go out, opened the “journey” of a day, road cycle PuSao, pick up garbage, green belts patrol garbage container is full, is she a compulsory homework every day,For 9 years, she has never had a reunion dinner with her family on New Year’s Eve. The night is freezing cold, but she still chooses to stick to it. She celebrates the New Year in this special way every year, sweeping away the dust and finally having no regrets, just for the city to show a smile.Renosmanthus is as beautiful and fragrant as its name.Ren Guihua said: “as the new era of sanitation workers, we also have ideals and pursuit, during the festival we can not be reunited with their families, but we stick to our posts, in order to let the public have a clean and warm festival environment during the Spring Festival, as long as we see clean roads, no matter how tired we are worth it!”Public security: Practicing the mission of loyalty and protecting the peace of the people “Celebrating the New Year” for many people is reunion and companionship, but for the police, it is more about persistence and protection.They are often absent from family reunions and togetherness, but never absent from duty.The public security police of Shibei Public security body fight in the front line of maintaining stability, cracking down on crimes and safeguarding safety, and depict the Impression of The Spring Festival of Shibei public security with practical actions.In order to ensure the security and stability of the jurisdiction, the full implementation of the fireworks banned and epidemic prevention and control and so on related work, at the public security bureau police step by car tour, tour and street tuen p a combination of, strengthen to the bus station, the prosperous business circle, the dense regions of people, such as the culture square place patrols, do “see the police during the day and see the lights at night,”We will comprehensively prevent and curb the occurrence of all kinds of illegal and criminal cases, and enhance the people’s sense of security during the Spring Festival holiday.In the patrol at the same time, shibei public security police also continued to explain festival safety instructions to the public, theft and robbery, fraud prevention, fire prevention and other prevention common sense, improve the general public’s legal awareness and safety prevention ability, close the relationship between the police and the people.In order to ensure the timely and effective treatment of holidays in case of emergency, all kinds of illegal crime will be punished in accordance with the law, at the public security BeiQin system, strictly implement the leadership during the festival to take class from the office to the police station is deployed on duty adequate emergency power, ensure that more than one-third of police on-the-job, one-third or more of the police BeiQin.Xing Qingsong, deputy director of Dagang Police Station of Shibei Public Security Sub-bureau, said: “My wife and I are both policemen. This year’s New Year’s Eve, we are both on duty at the police station.The elderly are very understanding, and relatives know that the police are busier than usual during holidays.The Spring Festival, for the people, the greatest happiness is peace, we stick to our posts, protect peace, is to practice the infinite glory of the people’s police with practical action!”Traffic police: stick to the post to ensure smooth day and night duty “not closed” city north traffic police all stick to their posts on the road, for the safety of the public, smooth travel escort.Combined with the management of Spring Festival transport, all passenger vehicles entering and leaving Qingdao will be checked and registered, and illegal acts such as overcrowding and overload will be punished according to the upper limit.Intensify road inspection to timely discover and eliminate all kinds of road traffic safety hazards;Inspection points are set up during the day and night to strictly check the serious road traffic violations such as drunk driving, drunk driving, speeding and overloading.We will optimize the allocation of police force, dispatch more police to the areas around stores and supermarkets, accident-prone roads and easily blocked roads, strengthen patrols and timely dredging to ensure the safe travel of citizens during the Spring Festival.In order to fully curb the malignant road traffic accidents caused by drunk driving, Shibei Traffic police deployed in accordance with the requirements of the detachment, and arranged the police force to carry out centralized rectification of drunk driving investigation and punishment every day. On the basis of patrolling and rectification within the normal area of jurisdiction, they also took centralized rectification in different places.According to shibei brigade deputy district chief Li Guosong introduction, as every night at 5 PM 10 key action, jurisdiction the squadron experienced, skilled business backbone, led, led by squadron of restaurant, hotel, KTV, have been supervised organic food places of entertainment such as key, monitoring the vehicles, the illegal suspect on suspicion of drink driving strictly regulate the operation,The most severe punishment will be taken against the drunk driving suspects, and criminal responsibility will be investigated for the crime of dangerous driving.In order to ensure the safe operation of municipal road facilities during the Spring Festival, Shibei Municipal No.2 Company made every effort to ensure the people’s livelihood services to be carried out during the festival, and timely deal with emergencies.During the Spring Festival, strictly implement the 24-hour shift system of leaders, arrange management personnel for duty inspection, and arrange maintenance workers left in Qingdao to stick to their posts.The company has prepared enough cold mixing materials, sidewalk boards and other construction materials in advance, 45 tons of solid snow melt agent and 150 tons of liquid snow melt agent to deal with emergencies and snow weather at any time.In addition, the company requires the area of the road disease, community drainage blockage and other problems to be dealt with as soon as possible, to ensure that the on-site, immediate, initiative to do.At the same time, the company will strengthen the area of the river patrol, cleaning, do a good job during the festival fire safety management.Li Zhenwen, deputy general manager of the second municipal company, said: “The Spring Festival holiday, but we municipal people do not have a holiday, we need to ensure the safe and orderly operation of municipal facilities during the festival, ensure that people’s livelihood services are always online, really make the people feel comfortable, at ease, let the masses satisfied.”The Spring Festival is also a major test for the front-line workers at the grass-roots level.During the Spring Festival holiday, the street staff to strengthen the duty on duty, go all out, excellence to do a good job of the service guarantee work, let residents feel at ease over the Spring Festival.The epidemic prevention and control in Yan ‘an Road has not stopped, and the staff of the follow-up team are still fighting on the front line.The current situation of the epidemic in China requires staff to pay close attention to changes in medium-high risk areas and risk control areas across the country, grasp policy requirements as soon as possible, strengthen screening and prevention in key areas, and build a safety wall for prevention and control, so that everyone can enjoy a warm and happy Spring Festival.”During the Spring Festival, the number of people returning to youth increased, we patiently and carefully do a good job of policy explanation and psychological counseling for each follow-up residents, to strive for the people’s understanding and cooperation, seriously do a bit of work.”Yan ‘an Road street follow-up group staff Guan Yin said, although can not rest, but tired valuable, stick to the post of each street staff are very happy.Hailun road street organs and community party members and cadres take the initiative to give up rest, to promote community governance, clean environment, fireworks prohibited discharge and other work.Many comrades gave up reunions with their families and stuck to them from early morning to late night without a single complaint, in order to make the local residents enjoy a happy, peaceful, safe and comfortable Spring Festival.MAO Xinguo, commander of hailun Road Street Comprehensive law enforcement Squadron, has given up the opportunity to reunite with his family during the Spring Festival for three consecutive years with his passion for urban management and loyalty to serving the people.He said: “During the Spring Festival, we will work with colleagues from other functional departments in the streets to do a good job of ‘steward’ of the city’s environment, to create a good living environment for residents, to ensure that the residents of the district can enjoy a safe, clean, orderly and warm Spring Festival.”Also, those who grasp the steering wheel, heading for a better future bus drivers, love health care, selfless dedication of the white angels……”One person hard sweet, a family is not round.”Spring Festival has a kind of dedication of love, there is a kind of responsibility of love, seemingly ordinary, but contains valuable spiritual power.Their adherence to the festival is more warm, more peaceful because of their responsibility.When we celebrate the happy time of family reunion and enjoy the relaxed and joyful festival, please don’t forget their commitment and responsibility.