Resume work after the holiday, fire safety does not relax!

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Spring Festival small long vacation has finished a lot of enterprises have many employees return to work and production will return to work according to relevant data statistics after peak time is fire some employees lax after thoughts on fire control safety consciousness weakening is easy to occur accident enterprises how to prevent fire hazards 01 full-scale fire safety inspection, inspection found that the fire hazard of the rectification in place immediately;If the rectification cannot be completed at the moment, the responsibility, funds and time limit for rectification shall be determined;Units with serious fire hazards cannot resume work and production.Comprehensive maintenance of electrical lines, smoke pipes, automatic fire alarm system, fire extinguishers and other fire facilities and equipment to ensure good and effective.Carry out fire safety knowledge training for all staff (especially new employees) to improve the awareness and ability of fighting initial fire and escaping and evacuation.In view of the situation of epidemic prevention and control, we revised the fire fighting and emergency evacuation plan, clarified the response procedures and division of labor, carried out drills and rehearsals, kept alcohol disinfection products away from open flames, and stored inflammable and explosive products separately.05 Fire control room on duty, micro fire station members and other key positions of fire control personnel to ensure that they perform their duties.Fire control room, 2 certified personnel must be on duty 24 hours a day.06 To ensure the smooth and orderly “life channel”, safety exit, evacuation channel goods do not occupy an area, fire truck channel unimpeded.If you find any fire hazard or fire safety violation, you can call “12345” to report.Office how to eliminate security risks 01 Replace old sockets in time The sockets in the office should be replaced in time, such as some old sockets with low security performance.Electrical appliances with socket power supply, use must not plug too much electrical appliances, so as not to cause socket, plug meshing bad fever fire.02 Keep away from Combustibles Portable electrical appliances such as shredders, printers and humidifiers in offices are generally small in size and have poor heat dissipation, which is prone to spontaneous combustion accidents. Keep away from combustible objects such as desktops and tabloids and check their working temperature at any time.Open fires are strictly prohibited in the office. Smokers should go to a special smoking area. Cigarette butts should not be thrown into the wastepaper basket.04 Turn off the power do not forget to turn off the electrical switch after work, it is best to set a double switch in each office, when off work with the indoor power supply.If there is no indoor power supply, unplug the power supply.05 Keep the safety exit unblocked holiday return, cleaning up the office to find a lot of documents, cartons need to be discarded, so piled up in the safety exit, this approach is wrong!Discarded paper documents and other sundries, such as cardboard boxes, are flammable and can easily be ignited, and blocking passageways is not conducive to escape.Therefore, sundries can not pile up in the safety exit and evacuation channel, not to park electric bicycles or charge in the corridor.06 Strengthen daily fire inspection units to implement the daily fire inspection system, clear inspectors, content, location and frequency, focus on the inspection of the use of fire and electricity, and make inspection records, timely inspection of gas, electrical, fire sources and surrounding, timely elimination of fire hazards.07 to overcome the “post-holiday syndrome” holidays just past, many people play heart has not recovered, personnel fatigue, emotional instability, thought is not focused, it is easy to lead to accidents, to timely take heart, to warn and guide, to avoid causing accidents.Busy work after the holiday fire safety can not forget